CBD and Digestion

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If you are an avid reader, follower, or fellow experimenter in the wellness space the subject of gut health is not new to you. However, we are looking at this trending topic through a new lense, with a drop of Juna Balance in our coffee. 

First things first, in order to understand how CBD can benefit your digestive system and promote gut health, we have to take a look at our bodies. 


Imbalance in the Body

Our mind and body are highly sensitive to feelings of stress and anxiety, often sending our internal defense, otherwise known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS for short) into overdrive. This highly sophisticated, interconnected network of receptors is responsible for maintaining harmony within our body - regulating key functions such as pain, sleep, hormones, gut heath, digestion, and more. If the ECS becomes overstimulated it can cause imbalance, resulting in negative body responses like inflammation in your digestive system. 


ECS is activated by CBD, which is a plant cannabinoid. A daily dose of CBD can enhance your ECS natural response to stressful triggers, combatting imbalance and promoting optimal levels of harmony within the body.

 CBD for Digestion

The Gut & Systemic Inflammation

The gut is an underrated, overachiever - largely responsible for regulating and maintaining the balance of bacteria within your body, as well as, supporting your digestive system. 

What is my gut microbiome? 

Your microbiome is made up of a vast ecosystem of microbes, or microorganisms, responsible for transferring nutrients from one form to the next. Your gut microbiome maintains your epithelial barrier, which forms a physical barrier and protects your body from toxins. 

Simply put, a balanced gut fundamentally influences all aspects of your health - both emotional and physical. Imbalance and stress within the body can lead to an overpopulation of bacteria that suppresses the important functions of the ecosystem, ultimately leading to systemic inflammation. This negative domino effect within the gut can cause uncomfortable digestive issues like IBS.  


CBD & Gut Health

Gut health is instrumental in promoting a highly protective immune response, as well as, an efficient digestive system. In order to regulate these critical functions, the gut communicates with the brain to ensure balance between the body and mind. One, and extremely important form of communication utilized in this strong relationship is through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

As we know, the ECS can be threatened by daily stressors, causing overstimulation. So, what happens when the ECS, the brain, and our gut are threatened with imbalance? Add a daily dose of CBD and reset, restore, and rebalance.


1. CBD & Balance 

Juna Balance can restore and support the ECS, creating a clear pathway for the brain and gut to communicate.  

 CBD for inflammation

2. CBD quiets anxiety and reduces stress 

The defense of the AM/PM can help cancel negative contributors, encourage better sleep, and reduce internal inflammatory responses


3. CBD:CBG targets and modulates systemic inflammation, specifically in the digestive system 

Ease helps promote a healthier gut by targeting inflammation and internal discomfort. CBD:CBG can prevent internal proteins that signal our immune system to set up an inflammatory response; benefiting those who suffer from bloating, gas, and or IBS. 

CBD for Gut Health

4. CBD can promote and maintain a consistent appetite 

CBD Green Juice Recipe

5. CBD can regulate hormones 

A drop of BalanceX can aid in signaling our adrenal glands to essentially chill out with cortisol production. (Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that breaks down tissue within the body and can be destructive to the gut lining)


Life is about balance; like sipping on water in the morning & enjoying wine in the evening. Our gut is not exempt from this rule. Emerging research and science-backed case studies show CBD plays an integral role in promoting balance so we can be our healthiest and highest functioning self. 


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