CBD for Moms: Why Moms Keep CBD On-Hand in 2021

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No sleep. Achy back. Every strange noise in the house heightens your worry.

During mom-hood, alone time consists of hanging out behind a locked bathroom door while your child attempts to break through it like something from The Shining. 

Despite all the difficulties of being a mom, this is still one of the most precious and beautiful times of your life. But in this article, you will learn how the benefits of CBD may make it easier.

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May Help Relieve the Mom Aches and Pains

Moms may lift their children up to 50 times a day. As a result, pain can reside in the wrists, hips, shoulders, neck, and back.

This pain can even grow as your child ages and gains weight. Here are some common aches and pains often associated with momhood.

1) De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

  • Some new moms contract a form of tendinitis called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, which is an inflammation of the tendons around the wrist and thumb. This often happens because the muscles that power the wrist are usually meant to pick up 8 to 20 pounds of weight.

  • What you can do to prevent it: Keep your wrists stiff when picking up the baby and lift with your core and not with your arms.

    2) Curve in the spine

    • Holding your baby on your hip can send shooting pain through the opposite side. This may lead to a painful curve in your spine.

    • What you can do to prevent it: Alternate sides for holding the baby or use a sling or front carrier to distribute the weight.

    3) Achy back from breastfeeding
    • When breastfeeding, some women have the habit of leaning awkwardly and hunching up the shoulders. This can lead to an achy neck and back.

    • What you can do to prevent it: Try to keep your spine and neck as straight as possible, sitting upright in a chair rather than slouching on a couch. Arrange pillows under the baby to raise him or her to your breast instead of bending down to meet the mouth. Or try a nursing pillow.

      4) Back pain
      • Leaning over a crib, changing a diaper, or carrying your child can cause back pain.

      • What you can do to prevent it: When performing these activities, attempt to use your legs and core rather than your back. Always lift with your legs and bend at the knees, not the waist. Use your core for stability.

        Regardless of keeping good posture and being mindful during mom tasks, aches and pains can still happen. That is why cannabidiol (CBD) oil is practically essential.

        CBD has been shown to have many anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can help you get the relief from chronic pain you need.

        We recommend a topical oil like our Ease Functional Body Oil to rub into those areas that are inflamed and painful.

        May Help Relieve Anxiety

        Anyone who has had to bathe a toddler knows the essential ingredient: calm. CBD has a way of keeping you more present, and thus more even-tempered.

        This is because of its anxiolytic, or anxiety-relieving effects. With a daily dose of CBD oil like Ease, anxiety and tension can be released on demand.

        Dose up before the appointed bath time, and you will find yourself less short-fused, and more likely to hold your ground when your kiddos push your boundaries. And reacting calmly is the best thing for you, and your child.

        “So I’m usually a ball of stress between work, 3 kids, & chronic pain & anxiety from being stressed. I’m as my chiropractor would say “tense & full of knots head to toe.”

        Being bit of a naturopath I only use pain meds in an absolute emergency & have used meditation to combat anxiety opposed to pharmaceuticals. THIS HAS BEEN MOMMY’S BEST LITTLE HELPER by far.

        It helps with inflammation of my back from standing all day at work & helps me maintain my composure as an “essential employee,” during the covid19 pandemic.

        Also since I’m less stressed I don’t find myself wincing & scrunching my face causing me to look older & more wrinkled. People have since said I look more serene & at peace. Truth is I am. Thank you Juna!” --KG

        cbd for sleep, cbg for moms Juna CBG

        May Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

        Moms just don’t get enough sleep, whether it be with a middle-of-the-night-crying-baby or your teenager-is-out-late kind of worry.

        The age doesn’t matter; it’s just plain difficult to get your 8 hours once you have kids. It is easy to brush off a few hours of sleep missed here and there.

        But most mothers underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Insufficient sleep can be linked with the following issues:

        • - Poor work performance
        • - Obesity
        • - Diabetes
        • - Heart disease
        • - Excessive risk-taking behavior

          Not only is the risk of these issues occurring increased by lack of sleep, but any other health issue can also be exacerbated by sleep loss.

          Here are some tips to help moms get the rejuvenating sleep they need to be the best for themselves and their kids:

          • 1. Be prepared: It can be tempting to stay up late after a long day of Mom Duty. Pushing back your bedtime is a gamble that you won’t have your sleep disrupted. It can become a habit where you get less and less sleep as you settle into this unhealthy routine. But the chances of getting awakened by your two-year-old are quite high, so why not go to bed earlier? Be prepared for being awakened by going to bed at the right time. And if you don’t get awakened, then you get some bonus sleep which will leave you glowing and well-rested.

            • 2. Nap it up: If your kid is still young enough to nap, during this time is the best opportunity to grab a couple of hours for yourself too.

              • 3. Sleep in one day: Set aside one weekend day to sleep in. Then allow your partner to sleep in the other weekend day so you will both be well-rested. This will allow you to catch up on the sleep from an activity-filled week.

                • 4. Set a sleep routine for your kiddo: Adopt a consistent bedtime for your children. This will allow them to get used to regular sleep time. Tire them out during the day so they will sleep soundly through the night, and make sure no sugar before bed! Also, consider blackout curtains on the windows to encourage their deep sleep even more.

                  • 5. Make your own bedtime ritual: Just like how kids need a bedtime routine, so do you! Meditate, read, journal, and take some CBD oil to get you to sleep at your usual time.

                    As we’ve mentioned previously, CBD oil may help alleviate pain and anxiety. Since these are some of the main issues that deprive us of deep sleep, their absence allows for better sleep.

                    Therefore be sure to keep Nightcap Sleep Drops on your nightstand to help you dose up for a good night’s rest.

                    And even if you get awakened by a crying child during the night, you will be more likely to get back to dreamland after tending to them.

                    Getting enough sleep will in turn allow you to be more focused and present during the day.

                    You will make better decisions and experience more health benefits due to being more well-rested.

                    Some of these benefits include better skin, boosted immune system, better exercise performance, and more!

                    cbd for moms, cbg for moms Juna CBG

                    Won’t Get You High

                    Cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant, specifically from hemp. Like marijuana, hemp plants also contain the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but in lower amounts.

                    Many hemp extracts on the market today contain THC; these are called full-spectrum CBD oils. So if there is THC in CBD oil, does this mean it can get you high as with marijuana?

                    The short answer is no. Only trace amounts of THC  are present in CBD oil. There must be only 0.3% THC or less for the product to be considered federally legal. 

                    This is not enough THC to get you high. However, THC still can contribute many benefits despite its relative scarcity in CBD oil.

                    This is due to a phenomenon called the entourage effect. This effect refers to the combination of the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC.

                    The combination creates a synergy that mimics the way these compounds are found naturally in hemp, increasing the overall effect. 

                    You are getting some benefits of THC but without the high (and paranoia!). This is perfect for a mom who needs to be alert when it comes to watching their children.

                    Provides Balance

                    Being a mom is all about balance. A balance of your kids' needs and your own. A work/life balance.

                    Then there are the beautiful tender moments balanced with the difficult teaching moments (for both your kids and yourself).

                    To be truly present for the delicate tightrope walk of motherhood requires a high degree of balance.

                    Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies regulates the balance of many functions in our bodies, including things like mood, appetite, pain, inflammation, sleep, and much more.

                    This homeostasis is achieved through the interaction of cannabinoids with the receptors of the ECS. Cannabinoids are naturally produced by our bodies.

                    These cannabinoids are called endocannabinoids and can become depleted over time, especially during times of stress (like say, when you have a new baby).

                    Phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC can be effective at mimicking these endocannabinoids and providing more balance to our ECS. 

                    Taking CBD consistently can boost the ECS and help with the regulation of its functions.

                    Having a more balanced system allows you to be more grounded and present, allowing you to make the best choices for your child.

                    Perfect Addition to Self-Care Routine

                    Being a mother requires you to give up a lot of the things that replenish your energy. This can quickly drain you. But you can’t pour from an empty cup.

                    So, fill your cup with morning coffee and Juna Balance as the ultimate act of self-love and self-care to start your day.

                    This will leave you energized and ready to fill the cups of those you love. Here are some other ways CBD can be implemented into your Self-Care Routine, some THC-free:

                      • - For luscious locks: This CBD hair mask treatment strengthens, soothes, and protects your hair. Sit back, relax, as this hair mask nourishes you.

                        • - For full-body moisture: Try this luxurious High CBD Formula Body Lotion that cools on contact with notes of sage, mint, and green citrus.

                          • - For a pleasurable bath: The Awaken Bath Soak combines full-spectrum CBD, magnesium-rich Epsom salts, and essential oils of orange and bergamot to stimulate both the mind and body.

                            Better Sex

                            We all know that one thing that tends to go off the rails once you have a screaming child in your home: sex.

                            The libido can be greatly diminished when all your best clothes have spit up on them, and your adult playtime is interrupted by your child’s midnight feedings.

                            Luckily there are easy ways CBD products can get you in the mood even after a day full of diaper changes. Alongside your vibrator, here are some more essentials:

                            • - Lube and libido-lifter: Aphrodisia intimacy enhances sexual energy, sensation, and pleasure through lubrication and libido-stimulating effects.

                              • - Sex patch: Sex, Plz. patches have a combination of L-Arginine, Maca, Tribulus + CBD. They are designed to relax you and increase your libido. Easy to put on and take off.

                                • - Arousal kit: This kit contains Foria's Awaken, Intimacy Lubricant, and Intimacy Suppositories. These bedroom essentials contain 8 plant-based aphrodisiacs and enhance sensation and pleasure, while decreasing dryness, tension, and discomfort.

                                  Avoid Mom frump! Sex can release tension and anxiety, and not to mention leave you feeling sexy and confident.

                                  Provides On the Go Relief

                                  With CBD products, you have complete convenience. Throw your favorite CBD oil or gummies in your purse and take along with you to your job, shopping, and soccer games.

                                  CBD oil can give you fast relief when you need it. This is better than a massage that needs time to be scheduled, or a meditation session that requires actual alone time. CBD is here for you when you just don’t have time.

                                  cbd for moms, cbg for moms Juna CBG

                                  Helps Cope with the Pain of Pregnancy

                                  Finding relief from sore muscles and joints while pregnant and breastfeeding can feel hopeless. However, CBD can provide powerful pain relief in these difficult times.

                                  The only caveat is, we do not recommend ingesting CBD when pregnant or breastfeeding. The reason for this?

                                  There just isn’t enough research available yet on how CBD you ingest may affect your child. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not included in clinical trials (for obvious reasons), so there is not much data on these interactions.

                                  But when CBD is instead applied topically rather than ingested, it can still provide the relief you are looking for. This is because it has not entered the bloodstream and thus will not transfer to the child. 

                                  Try Ease Functional Body Oil if you are pregnant or nursing. CBD has minimal side effects.

                                  Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before implementing CBD into your daily routine. This is because it can interact with some prescriptions. 

                                  CBD is Self-Care

                                  Just as safety is the #1 goal of mothers with their kids, it should be the same when it comes to you. Choose a CBD product that is safe for you.

                                  Due to the newness of CBD to the health and wellness community, it is still unregulated by the FDA. Only one CBD drug has been approved at the time of this writing (Epidiolex, a drug for forms of epilepsy).

                                  Make sure you buy from a brand that is high-quality and has been third-party tested. This will ensure your product is free of dangerous contaminants like pesticides or solvents.

                                  Remember that caring for your children also starts with self-care. And CBD is the ultimate act of self-care.

                                  Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. It should not be interpreted as instruction or medical advice to displace the advice of your doctor or other medical professionals. We recommend talking to your doctor to prepare a treatment plan for any disease or ailments.

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