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In the past year, CBD has been dubbed the magic wellness ingredient - powerfully and effectively combating daily stressors, sleeplessness, and everything in between.

For many of us, CBD has been our daily go-to and our greatest problem solver...until we discovered CBG  - the best kept secret. Don’t get us wrong, CBD will continue to be in our daily lineup of defense but, we are adding CBG to the mix as well. And you should too.

If you have yet to be introduced to CBG, meet your newest defense co-captain and CBD companion. Like CBD, CBG is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in certain strains of hemp and has shared benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relieving properties. It’s important to note that both CBD and CBG are responsible for enhancing your Endocannabinoid System’s natural response and maintaining internal harmony. 

cbd vs cbg venn diagram

Although CBD and CBG share many of the same powerful properties and purposes, it’s important to understand when to use them for optimal body balance & benefits.

*cue our cheat sheet on when and how to use CBG vs. CBD (below)

So, When do I use CBG

CBG is the most calming cannabinoid on the market, dare we say more promising than CBD. Advocates believe that CBG is a viable, science-backed, treatment option for individuals with anxiety and chronic pain ailments.

Meet Juna’s Ease Collection - the holy grail for pain relief, calm, and regulating inflammation. These formulas are intentionally designed with ingredients, such as therapeutic active botanicals that work synergistically with CBG and CBD to target, and release physical and mental discomforts.

1. Inflammation in the Body 

Combat swelling and pain with internal and external extra strength support. 

*CBG is made of powerful properties that relieves pain and supports muscle recovery

2. Digestive Issues or IBS 

3. Anxiety Attacks

Physical pressure of stress, somatic symptoms of panic attack, or mental overwhelm

4.Feeling Off

When you mind and body are out of sync - drop CBG and hit the reset button. Restore calm and body/mind synergy

5. Immune Boost

*CBG has powerful antibacterial properties to promote a more efficient immune response

6. PMS / Endometriosis

How to use CBG: 

Rub Ease functional body oil on areas of physical discomfort.

Ease functional body oil = restorative. (a transformative blend to penetrate the skin, melt away muscle tension and promote recovery. 

Or, drop our Ease tincture under the tongue for an internal reset and relief.

cbg and cbd oil products on table

When to Use CBD

1. Trying to Achieve Daily Balance
Eliminate brain fog and proactively combat racing thoughts

2. Trouble sleeping

3. Headaches and Migraines

4. Work Stress 

Looking to resume focus and cancel work jitters, drop Juna Balance 

5. Social Anxiety & Feelings of Overwhelm

6. Mood Boost

7. Inflammation

How to use CBD: 

Drop Balance under your tongue anytime you need a moodboost.

Tip: Keep 1 bottle next to your coffee maker and add it to your morning coffee, keep another in your car and take just before you get the kids from school.

Add Nightcap  to your bedtime ritual for a deeper, more restorative sleep

Tip: take under tongue or in your favorite1 hour before bed. No blue light

cbd and cgb oil products

All in all - using CBD or CBG has plentiful benefits and a low risk nature. Their popularity hinges on their maximum benefits and low risk nature.

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