CBD Dosing

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Wondering how much CBD you should take? Or if taking more CBD increases its effects? 

Most good advice is non-dogmatic, and this couldn’t be truer for CBD dosing. 

While we wish we could replace this article with a plug-and-play calculator, the truth is, finding your ideal CBD dosage will take self-experimentation. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We’re here to set some ground rules and considerations as you begin to optimize your daily CBD routine.

Here’s how to find your ideal CBD dose:

Start your CBD routine low and slow

While it can be tempting to opt for as many CBD milligrams-per-ounce as your wallet can afford, the science shows more CBD is not always better. We’re advocates for finding your lowest effective dose for two reasons:

1. Even a little bit of CBD can work. There’s a prevailing misconception (thanks to an often-cited Brazilian study) that at least 150mg of CBD is needed to reap any therapeutic benefit. While this is true for CBD isolates, a 2015 study found that as little as 2.5mg of full-spectrum CBD can be therapeutic, thanks to a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.

This Entourage effect is the primary reason we’ve opted to make all Juna CBD products full-spectrum. One of the most common responses we receive from customers is their surprise when they can use a lower dose of Juna CBD and feel the benefits. Not too mention, using less is also nice for your wallet and the environment. 

2. CBD can have vastly different effects at low and high doses. A small dose of CBD can provide an alert focus, while a double dose can feel sedative. Starting at a low dose, and gradually increasing if needed will allow you to experience the various moods your CBD has to offer across the dosing spectrum.

Most of our customers report increased feelings of alertness and focus at a 5-10mg dose, while a 12-20mg dose is usually effective for sleep and pain-management.

      Understand CBD Absorption 

      The way you consume CBD will affect the final dose that enters your bloodstream. Juna’s CBD has a delicate taste that makes it enjoyable to drop directly under your tongue or added to food and drink. Just know that when you ingest your CBD with food and drink,  only a small percentage of the original dose will be absorbed after digestionIn other words, you may need to double up on doses if you want to feel a strong effect. For CBD efficiency and conservation, sublingual (CBD under the tongue) consumption is our go-to method.

      Give it Time  

      Wondering how soon it takes to feel the CBD kick in? Again, your means of CBD consumption will affect how quickly you feel it. Sublingual consumption has the fastest onset, while ingestibles tend to take a little longer. No matter how you dose CBD, we suggest waiting 60 minutes to let the full benefits take hold.  
      How often should you use CBD? It’s also important to note that CBD builds up in fat-cells over time, and is best taken daily like a multivitamin. We suggest all new users dose consistently for 5 days to experience CBD’s full potential. 

      Translating This to Routine: 

      1. Determine what you want from your CBD, then follow this guide:

      • For a lifted-focus - start with 10mg (1full dropper/1ml) of Balance. Note: this formula is safe to dose multiple times throughout the day
      • For pain relief - start with 10mg Balance and/or a topical application of Ease CBD skin serum.
      • For sleep - start with 12mg (½ a dropper/50ml) of Nightcap


        2. Wait one hour, then take note of how you feel. Increase your dosage up or down in 2mg increments based on what you need.

        3. Dose the same formula consistently for 5 days before making any big shifts in formulas or drawing final conclusions. Like most good things, CBD can take time. 

        If you have more questions at any point along your journey towards balance, send us a message

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