How to Flavor CBD Oil So It Tastes Better

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“It’s time to take the medicine!”

When it comes to dosing your CBD oil, it can start to feel like those childhood sick days when you were force-fed cough syrup. Plug your nose, and down the hatch. 

That’s why in this article we have compiled a variety of ways to make your CBD oil taste better. Not only will it no longer feel like dreaded medicine, but it can also become an enjoyable experience.

Note: The best and easiest way to make your CBD oil taste better is to buy better-tasting CBD oil. Each bottle of Juna CBD oil is made to taste great, with specific tasting notes listed on each product's page. Shop for great-tasting CBD oil now!

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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

If you haven’t yet tried CBD oil, it may be helpful to prepare you for what is to come. Typically cannabidiol (CBD) oil derived from the hemp plant has an earthy, grassy, and even nutty taste. This may come as a surprise to those dosing CBD for the first time.

Perhaps it may even be a bit off-putting. However, you may be surprised to find out that the taste of hemp extract is not exclusive to CBD oil. This particular flavor is indicative of any full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil from the cannabis plant, even high-THC oil extracts. 

So what causes this earthy taste if it isn’t the CBD itself? The answer comes down to the terpene and flavonoid content. Terpenes and flavonoids are compounds that occur naturally in cannabis.

While THC and CBD do not provide any smell or flavor, these compounds provide a very distinctive taste and aroma. They are responsible for the way cannabis smells and its taste; that trademark “skunky” smell. 

Types of CBD Oils

Do all CBD oils include these pungent terpenes and flavonoids? Not all, but the best ones do, in our opinion. Here are the most common kinds of CBD oils out there and their varying tastes:

Full-spectrum raw CBD-CBDA: This kind of oil is not heated and is much less processed than other products. It will have a plant-like, earthy, or grassy taste. The liquid is typically darker in color and can even be cloudy due to plant matter.

Full-spectrum CBD oil: This kind of CBD oil has been processed a little more than the raw product. Terpenes are included in full-spectrum CBD, along with the full range of cannabinoids. This means there is no getting around that earthy, musky bitterness if you want the full entourage effect (which we most definitely recommend!). 

Broad-spectrum CBD oil: In these types of products, the plant matter has been processed, and some of the cannabinoids and other plant material have been left out. THC is not included in broad-spectrum oil, and there may be a higher concentration of other cannabinoids like CBN or CBG. The product is typically clearer in appearance and may not have the heavy grass or natural flavor that a full-spectrum oil does. CBD gummies are typically made with broad-spectrum hemp extracts.

Isolates: CBD isolates are just that; CBD that has been isolated. There are no other cannabinoids or terpenes. A CBD isolate is typically a clear solution due to its ultra-refinement and has no natural or plant-like flavor.

Most often CBD oil is dosed sublingually, which means beneath the tongue. Once you’ve placed a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, the compound will dissolve and diffuse into your bloodstream through the tissues in your tongue.

The benefit of sublingual use is that CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream within 10 to 15 minutes, which is when you start to feel its effects. That is why this method is commonly used; especially for those that need rapid onset action for their ailments.

Tips to Enhance Your CBD Experience

Before we get into how to flavor CBD oil to make it taste better, there are a few preliminary things you can do first to ensure an overall pleasurable experience.

1. Pick a product with a carrier oil suited to your tastes.

After the extraction process, CBD is combined with a food-grade carrier oil. The four primary carrier oils used with CBD are:

Olive oil
Hemp seed oil
MCT (fractionated coconut oil)*
Coconut oil

*This is our carrier oil of choice here at Juna. Its neutral flavor and light consistency are a perfect carrier for the hemp and supports it to work more efficiently in the body. Shop for CBD oil made with MCT here!

The flavor of your carrier oil can contribute to the overall flavor of your CBD. Pick a product with your favorite carrier oil to fully enjoy your CBD. While coconut or MCT oil has little to no taste or smell, hemp seed oil has a nutty flavor, which can mask the extract’s natural taste. On the other hand, olive oil has an earthy flavor, which may increase the extract’s natural taste.


2. Buy CBD oil that is high quality.

As with all plants, hemp contains chlorophyll. This green, strong-tasting substance is present in hemp flower extract. And if the producers of your product don’t winterize their broad-spectrum or full-spectrum hemp extracts properly, there may be high levels of chlorophyll.

This kind of product will typically be very green, as opposed to clear or amber color. It will have the grassy flavor as if you just took a bite out of your houseplant. This is probably not a sensation you will like.

Hemp producers that have a good-quality product are less likely to sell products that are contaminated with chlorophyll. These companies often employ third-party labs to test their product to ensure total transparency of what they are selling.

Go with a trusted brand in the CBD industry that employs third-party testing on its products, like Juna World.

Note: Juna World CBD is chef-formulated because we only use the highest-grade, pure and organic ingredients. Shop for CBD oil now!

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3. Brush your teeth

Now that you have the right product for you, you are ready to start your CBD experience.

But wait, if you still only have that bad-tasting CBD oil that made you search for this article, brush your teeth first.

Brushing your teeth with toothpaste before you take CBD may help mask the unwanted flavor. Not only that, a clean mouth absorbs less oil.

If you dose up with unbrushed teeth, the oil may adhere to the thin film that coats your mouth. After dosing, you will then likely experience the CBD oil’s taste every time you swallow or breathe. Not great.

As an alternative, you may brush your teeth right after dosing, but we think the preemptive approach works better. If you are looking for a more practical way to make your CBD oil taste better rather than brushing your teeth before every dose, we have a few suggestions for you. So here we go...

How to Flavor CBD Oil So It Tastes Better

If you decide to go with a full-spectrum natural product, it is possible to distract your tastebuds to improve your dosing experience.

We have found some of the most effective ways to ensure a good-tasting CBD oil. Here they are:

1. Mix your CBD oil into a drink

Although not as optimal as sublingual use, CBD can work well when blended into coffee, tea, or other hot drinks. It may not work as well with cold drinks since it is an oil. Smoothies might be a good alternative too. H

ere are a few of our favorite drink recipes that are great ways to blend your CBD dosing (note that we use Juna CBD oil for each of these recipes):

CBD Dalgona Coffee: Mix your morning CBD into this fancified coffee creation. Get your daily dose of caffeine and balance in one glorious cup!

Immunity Balance Tea: Feeling a little under the weather? This potent mixture of CBD with other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients is sure to give your immune system a powerful boost. 

Nightcap Sleep Tea: A nighttime tea is the ultimate act of self-love. Curl up with a good book and this CBD-infused tea to get you prepared for a relaxing, rejuvenating night’s rest.

If you do put your CBD dosage in your hot drink, remember to drink it when it is hot. Oils may separate from water-based liquids when they cool.

We have tons of other great recipes for CBD-infused drinks, including cocktails and mocktails. Check them out here!

2. Try it with a chaser

If you are in a rush, try taking CBD with a chaser. We think an acidic drink works best, like orange juice or lemon water. Some users say that the bitter taste of coffee works well as a chaser to help get rid of the earthy pine flavor.

To avoid contact with the taste of the CBD product altogether, take your chaser the moment you dose yourself. Just remember that you will get more immediate benefits when you take CBD sublingually. So, if possible, try to hold the oil under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before going for your chaser. 

3. Add CBD to your food

Dose your snacks: CBD can be dropped onto cookies, crackers, or other snacks. This is a good way to allow the CBD to absorb instantly into your food.

Bake your CBD: You can also bake CBD into edibles. Add your current dosage to the fat portion of your favorite brownie or cookie recipes. Simply be sure to know the serving size so you can estimate the proper dosage amount.

CBD salad: Try it on a salad. Drizzling your hemp oil on a salad can mask the taste easily.

Popsicles: Whip up a batch of our Nectarine Pops. Not only is it great for an immune boost, but you can also enjoy it to relax on a nice sunny day when the kids go back to school. Or come up with your blend filled with your favorite popsicle ingredients and a dash of CBD dosage.

Yogurt: Combine CBD into your favorite yogurt. It goes particularly well with fruity flavors.

You can also use food as a chaser. After your sublingual dose has sat under your tongue for over a minute or so, then go for your favorite tasty treat to heal your taste buds’ memory.

But adding CBD to your food is a great option if you just cannot stand the taste of CBD whatsoever. Just remember that this ingestion method has a much slower absorption rate than sublingual use! It can take over an hour for the dosage to take effect after ingestion.

Also, make sure not to up your dosage with the hope that it will cause it to kick in faster. Not only will it not kick in quicker, but it will also set your dosage higher to where you build up a tolerance.

4. Under the tongue combo

Instead of taking CBD sublingually on its own, why not add something sweet under your tongue at the same time? This can include a small piece of organic chocolate or a spoonful of raw honey.

You can also keep a mint under your tongue as the CBD dose dissolves. Other suggestions include using a Tic Tac or chewing gum in your mouth as you wait out the CBD.

5. Flavor your oil

Some people like to flavor their oil by buying a cold-pressed flavor. There is a wide range of choices out there, including organic ones. Try out flavors like peppermint, chocolate, or cherry. These all go well with CBD oil.

You can also consider toning down the flavor with sweet drops like Stevia, which you can get at a natural foods store. But before you go mixing flavors like a mad scientist, first run a taste test to make sure you like the chosen combination.

You can do this by putting a few drops of your CBD and the chosen flavor on the back of your hand to gauge the combo. If you like it, add the flavoring to your oil and shake well. And there you go!

Be aware, however, there will probably still be an earthy hemp flavor. But it will be much more palatable than before!

6. Add terpenes

Whether you have a CBD isolate or a full-spectrum product, you can customize your terpene content. You can buy terpenes isolates and add any combination to your tincture. Keep in mind that terpenes have their flavors, as well as health benefits.

You can customize them to your tastes and needs. As a warning, these terpenes are highly potent, so you must be sure not to add too many, effectively ruining your existing CBD oil.

Once you’ve purchased your terpene isolate, calculate the amount of CBD oil you have, then add 2% of the terpenes. This is just a suggestion. Add less if you are using a full-spectrum product.

As an example, if you have a 90 ml bottle, then you would add 1.8 ml of terpene isolate. This would be about 20 drops of a tincture, which is a lot. You may want to first experiment with a smaller amount (about 12 drops) to find the best fit for you. Once you’ve added the mixture, shake well and use.

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If you’ve tried many of the suggestions listed above and you still aren’t satisfied, don’t fret! There are still plenty of possible alternatives that you can try out.

Flavored CBD oils: Some CBD oils come in a variety of flavors, commonly things like peppermint, chocolate mint, and citrus. Having a better tasting product can make the experience more enjoyable, however, these flavors are made using additives. Be aware that sometimes a product’s strong flavoring can cause headaches. On the other hand, mildly flavored oils may still have a bitter, hempy flavor that you feel like you just can’t get away from. Pay attention to how the product is flavored. Natural and organic flavors are safer. If you are looking for a more natural product, you may want to employ alternative methods for improving the flavor.

CBD capsules: Some companies produce CBD in flavorless capsule form. The soft gel sheath of capsules enables you to avoid the extract touching your taste buds. This is a great option for those who want to avoid the taste altogether.

CBD vape cartridges: Similar to flavored CBD tinctures, vape cartridges can use additives to flavor your “medicine.” Typical flavors include blackberry, stone fruit, mint, or citrus. Vaping CBD is popular to help mask the terpenes and create an enjoyable experience.

CBD isolate: As we’ve mentioned earlier, CBD isolate doesn’t have any natural flavor. This may be a good alternative if you are looking for pure CBD. However, none of the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes are included for the full effect.

CBD topical: If you decide to avoid taking CBD orally altogether, you may consider using a CBD topical cream, oil, or lotion for your health and wellness needs. These kinds of products can ease muscular or mental tension in target areas. Check out our Ease Functional Body Oil that does just that!

It may take some trial and error to find what you prefer. Keep trying till you find what works for you!

Enjoy your CBD Experience

The taste of your CBD oil makes all the difference. If you despise the flavor of CBD oil, you are probably less likely to use it, and thus less likely to benefit from it.

We hope that this list of suggestions has given you some ideas for how to make a more pleasurable and flavorful CBD experience. Make it part of your daily routine you can enjoy!

Final note: Want plant-powered CBD solutions to optimize your mind, body, mood and sleep? Explore our best-selling  products and know you're getting the freshest and most effective possible product. Browse your options now!


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