How to Use CBD Tincture for the First Time

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If you are anything like us anxious career moms, you might throw yourself headfirst into new things. Directions, YouTube tutorials, what are those? Honestly, who has the time? There are diapers that need changing, dinner to be made, and fiscal reports that need fiscalling. 

But before you dive headfirst into the cannabidiol (CBD) world, there are a few things to know before you try CBD for the first time. We want to pop your CBD cherry carefully, gently, and with ease. So bear with us as we explain how to use CBD tincture--those fiscal reports can wait!

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What is CBD Tincture?

To kick things off, first, let’s define what a CBD tincture is. There is some confusion around the term as it can mean two different things. CBD tincture can refer to:

  1. CBD extract diluted in carrier oils like coconut oil, hemp oil, MCT oil, or olive oil. These products are more commonly referred to as CBD oil.

    1. CBD extract made with high-proof alcohol used as solvents. The alcohol acts as a preservative and provides a higher bioavailability.

      Regardless of whether the tincture has oil or alcohol in it, both are highly concentrated extracts made from hemp flowers of the cannabis plant. Translation: Don’t get crazy with it! A little drop or two will do the trick.

      Kinds of Extracts

      We like CBD tinctures because they are typically absorbed into the body sublingually (under the tongue), which allows them to quickly take effect. But the effect they do have depends a lot on what kind of extract is in your tincture. They are:

    1. 1. Full-spectrum CBD extract: Made with the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant, this extract will give you the biggest kick in the pants. The chemical compounds combine forces to provide a more powerful substance than when they act alone. This is called the entourage effect. The addition of small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the catalysts for its potent power

    2. 2. Broad-spectrum CBD extract: This extract is almost identical to full-spectrum CBD but without the addition of THC. If you are anxiously anticipating an upcoming drug test, this might be the one for you.

    3. 3. CBD isolate: If you are only looking for pure CBD, this is the one for you. Without the whole gang of other cannabinoids and terpenes along for the ride, you can experience CBD by its lonesome. CBD isolate will also help you pass that drug test.

    4. Juna World products are full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures. Not only is our hemp flower certified organic, but our active extract and final drops are 3rd party tested to make sure you get a pure product at the exact dosage you need.

      How to Use CBD Tincture

      So, let’s get to it! Ready? We’re about to pop your CBD cherry.

      With tinctures, the process is very simple. No electronic devices needed, no smoking, no extra tools needed. We make it fast, easy, and effective for you hard-working women out there. Easy fitting into your purse, you can bring CBD with you any time of the day or night for just when you need it most.

      Here are some steps to follow as you try out your Juna World CBD tincture for the first time:

      1. Get the go-ahead from your doc

      Consider talking to your healthcare provider to see if CBD is right for you. We say this because CBD can interact with some blood pressure, heart, thyroid, and seizure medications (and others). Your doctor can warn you about any interactions it might have on you specifically. He or she may also be able to recommend a dosage for your condition.

      June Ease

      2. Pick out the CBD tincture for you

      Our cannabis tinctures promote overall wellness. Select the product that is best for you and your needs:

    5. Balance: Seize the day with CBD Balance. If you are the type that just needs a little boost in the morning/midday, this could be the product for you. Eliminate that brain fog to be fully present with your kiddos, Zoom meetings with your boss, and getting the most out of life every day

    6. Balance X: At 1500 mg/bottle, this is CBD on crack. This extra-strength potency can be used for the high-stress superwoman who just can’t seem to catch a minute for herself. 

    7. Ease: Contains just as much cannabigerol (CBG) as CBD. CBG is an anti-inflammatory that can relax tense, achy muscles. Wind down with Ease, a few candles, and some wine as you soak in a revitalizing bath after a rough day.

    8. Nightcap Sleep Drops: We’ve combined CBD with cannabinol (CBN) and soothing mint, chamomile, and passionflower to help optimize your sleep cycles. Take an hour before your desired sleep time. Then, put the kids to bed and tell them to “Let Mom sleep!”

    9. You could pick one. But why not pick out an arsenal of Little Helpers to experience the many benefits of CBD?

      3. Assess how you feel beforehand

      Do a body scan of how you feel before you take your tincture. Do you feel any pain, inflammation in the body? Do you feel any anxiety or stress? Recognizing how you feel beforehand can help you pinpoint any changes after the product has kicked in. Then smile, because you’re about to take CBD for the first time! :)

      4. Shake it like a polaroid picture

      Since our products are made with MCT oil, we recommend shaking the bottle before you use it. CBD isn’t water-soluble so shaking helps the oil distribute evenly, allowing for more accurate dosing.

      Shake your bottle while singing:

      “Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it

      Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Hey ya!”

      Or not.

      5. Load up your dropper with the dosage

      Now to dose up. Unfortunately, there are currently no definitive CBD dosage recommendations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because CBD is still unregulated. We’ll keep you posted on that.

      Figuring out the right amount for you will come through trial and error. Only base your dosage on science-backed research, your doctor’s recommendations, or what has worked for you through some experience. You don’t want to just take that friend of a friend’s word for it.

      Go low and slow with dosing until you start to notice the way the tinctures affect you. A little goes a long way. Remember, since it’s concentrated you only need a small amount.

      But if you’re brand-spanking new to CBD we always recommend starting with a low dose, say 5 mg. You will notice ml increments on the side of the dropper so you can easily and accurately measure your dose.

      Look at the mg of CBD listed on your bottle. You’ll notice that all of our products have different potencies of CBD, so one size does not fit all. The amount of CBD tincture you take depends on the potency of your product. After doing some maths, pre-measure the amount you want into your dropper.

      6. Decide on your application method

      There are two ways you can apply your dosage:

      1. Sublingual method: Taking CBD sublingually is the most popular and easy method. Simply place the drops under your tongue, leaving it there for at least 90 seconds. Do not drink or eat anything at this time or the CBD will be ingested. When it is left under the tongue, it is absorbed into the blood vessels and directly into the bloodstream, rather than the journey over the winding road that is your digestive system.

      2. Ingestion method: If you aren’t a fan of the taste of your tincture, try the ingestion method with your favorite food or drink. Directly swallowing CBD will take longer than sublingual use due to the way it has to first be metabolized by your liver before entering the bloodstream.

      Since CBD is fat-soluble, it goes well with things like avocado toast or a yummy breakfast omelet. When combining it with foods that are high in fat, can increase the bioavailability. 

      Here are some of our favorite ways to combine CBD into food and drink to make it an enjoyable experience. Because why not? Treat yourself. Either add your tincture to your food as you prepare it or when you’ve finished. Then enjoy.

    10. Tea: Try Balancing Matcha in the mornings, Immunity Balance Tea for when you’re feeling under the weather, or Nightcap Sleep Tea right before bedtime. There is nothing more soothing than a comfy cup of tea and turning the pages of a good book. 

    11. Coffee: Our CBD Dalgona Coffee is the perfect thing to balance you out in the morning. Caffeine and CBD: a match made in heaven!

    12. Cocktails: When you want to cut loose for girls’ night, we recommend a Strawberry Margarita or  Sauvignon Spritzer. Get it girl!

    13. Smoothies: Pair your CBD tincture with your favorite smoothie. You can easily incorporate CBD into your smoothie after it has been blended, blending another 10 to 15 seconds to make sure it’s well mixed in. We like adding almond butter or coconut milk for more bioavailability, baby!

    14. Seasonal beverages: Treat yourself with a Picnic Punch or Spring Queen before the kids get out of school for the summer. You may need Sesame ‘Nog’ to survive the holidays with the in-laws. And if you’re blissfully alone on a blustery winter night, drop a couple of drops of CBD in your favorite hot chocolate and curl up by the fire. 

    15. Salads: Infuse CBD into your favorite salad dressing and top your greens with a little bit of extra love. You will never taste the difference!

    16. Cupcakes or cookies: CBD works well with baked goods. It can easily be dissolved into cooking oils and butter and then incorporated into your regular recipes. Just heat your fat on low heat, adding your CBD dose while gently stirring. Once dissolved, the baking world is your CBD oyster!

    17. Just make sure the kids don’t have access to your secret CBD cookie stash, or you might have some conked-out kids on your hands. Wait... that doesn’t sound so bad...

      As another option, you can also take CBD sublingually after you’ve eaten. This diminishes the taste of CBD and still allows for it to take quick effect.

      7. Wait for the effects

      After you’ve either dosed sublingually or by ingestion, now it’s time to wait. CBD works quickly with the sublingual method; it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to kick in. If you are aiming for an almost instant effect for your pain, inflammation, or anxiety, this is a great option.

      We also like it for those frustrating nights you can’t seem to get shuteye. Taking CBD sublingually when you are hard-pressed for sleep can deliver you to dreamland faster than ingesting. On the other hand, ingesting your CBD can take between 30 minutes to an hour.

      8. Assess how you feel

      Users commonly report a sense of calm and relaxation come over them once CBD has taken effect. The feeling can be subtle and nuanced, you may not even notice it at first!

      Do another body scan to see if there is any relief from pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. This mental note will help you remember just how the specific dosage affected you.

      Depending on how that experience went, add 5 mg more each time till you feel like the unstoppable power-woman that you are. Effects for either method last usually between 4 and 6 hours.

      Other Kinds of CBD Products

      Hey newbie, we hope you enjoyed your first CBD experience. But if you tried it and realized CBD oils/tinctures just aren’t your jam, there are other ways to take CBD. Here are some of them:

      Capsules: CBD capsules are another no-nonsense option, especially for those that do not like the flavor. However, just like the ingestion method, the effects are not immediate.

      Vapes: The vaping method is faster in its effect than sublingual tinctures, plus you look cool as heck doing it. Using a vape pen, you can blow billowing clouds of vapor in the air as you sink into CBD’s effects. But unfortunately, those effects only last about 2 to 3 hours. Also, these kinds of products are a bit riskier due to contact with the lungs. EVALI, e-cigarette, or vaping products can contain some harmful contaminants, and may even cause death. Be sure to only purchase vape products from trusted sources and are free from substances like propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG), and vitamin E acetate.

      Edibles: A popular and indiscreet way to dose up, gummies can be a real treat. But beware: You might find yourself craving the whole bag!

      Topicals: CBD creams, lotions, salves, and body oils have their applications. You can rub them on things like tendonitis, arthritis, joint, pain, and muscle spasms. Our Ease Functional Body Oil not only eases muscular tension but mental ones.

      Legality, Safety, and Side Effects of CBD

      Now for those common questions asked by CBD newbies:

      Is it legal?

      CBD is one of the fastest-growing markets out there. That’s cool and all, but is it legal? The short answer is yes, CBD is federally legal. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill allowed the legal production and sale of hemp and its derivatives (i.e. CBD). The caveat is that these products must have 0.3% THC or less to be given the government’s stamp of legality.

      To make it even more confusing, every state has its own rules regarding the cannabinoid. Check your state and local laws to understand what is permissible in your area.

      Is it safe?

      The World Health Organization has concluded that CBD is safe for consumption. But since the industry is dwindling in the regulatory grey areas, you may contact products that have things like contaminants, chemicals, additives (propylene glycol, dextromethorphan, and 5F-ADB). To combat this, always buy from a trusted brand in the CBD industry and ask for their Certificate of Analysis (COA).

      What are the side effects?

      Just like most things, CBD does have some minor side effects. These are mild and not common:

      • - Dry mouth
      • - Diarrhea
      • - Dizziness
      • - Fatigue/tiredness
      • - Lowered blood pressure
      • - Irritability
      • - Nausea
      • - Changes in appetite

        Thank You For Popping Your CBD Cherry With Juna

        Now that we’ve popped your CBD cherry, you are free to do it again whenever and however you want! Whether it's at work or home, in the morning, night, or with a little afternoon delight, we’ve got a CBD for that.

        Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. It should not be interpreted as instruction or medical advice to displace the advice of your doctor or other medical professionals. We recommend talking to your doctor to prepare a treatment plan for any disease or ailments.

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