Is CBD safe while breastfeeding?

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At Juna we are often asked: is CBD safe while breastfeeding? With world breastfeeding week coming up, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain the safety and concerns breastfeeding mothers are facing.

In a world where sensory and schedule overload are already incredibly challenging for stress management and sleep, life as a new mom can lead to further stress, sleepless nights, and worries about what's safe for a nursing mom and what isn't. Like, what foods and medicines (including therapeutic herbs, caffeine and alcohol) are safe, do they transfer to breast milk, and will it positively benefit the baby or negatively impact the baby? On top of that, breastfeeding mothers are often energetically depleted and more tired leaving them looking for safe, natural solutions to boost mood and ease stress and overall feel better.  Despite the fact that CBD is widely available and legal it's yet to be regulated by the FDA and there is little to no known research on its effects leaving moms everywhere wondering whether it's safe. Like any decision that involves your health or the health of your new baby, we strongly recommend talking with your doctor about whether CBD or any functional botanical is the right option for you. In the meantime, to help clarify whether cbd is safe while breastfeeding , let’s start with some basics.

The secret ingredient in breast milk

Scientists have discovered the foundation of breast milk is in fact endogenous cannabinoids. Yes, that's correct!  Breast milk is already full of naturally occurring cannabinoids, like CBD, that play a very important role in the development and growth of a baby. Research suggests that one of the main functions of cannabinoids in breast milk is to help stimulate a baby's suckling reflex and appetite. Beyond that, research also suggests the cannabinoids may provide infant relaxation and sleep support. Along side cannabinoids breast milk also contains and supplies a natural cocktail of probiotic bacteria (commensal and mutualistic) to the infant gut. These compounds also protect the infant against infections and contribute to the maturation of the immune system making breast milk an ideal choice for some mothers.

Understanding  the endocannabinoid system (ECS)  and how CBD and other cannabinoids works in the body

The human body and brain consists of a network of cannabinoid receptors called The Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS is responsible for key functions such as: mood, stress, sleep, hormones, digestion, memory, pain, immune function, inflammation and metabolism to name a few. By incorporating plant cannabinoids such as CBD into our body daily we supercharge our own naturally-producing endocannabinoid system(ECS) by activating receptors in the body to maintain homeostasis — biological harmony for optimized function for mind, body, mood and sleep.

To understand more about the research out there and the arguments being made on using CBD while breastfeeding, let’s further explore the possible benefits of CBD for new moms.

CBD for Anxiety, Stress and Sleep

New moms already struggle with sleep deprivation and stress while trying to rebalance their hormones. The american psychological association says up to 1 in 7 women also suffer from postpartum depression which is linked to higher levels of stress and anxiety. 

When women bring these symptoms to their doctor’s attention, they are often prescribed an antidepressant like Zoloft known to be safe for breastfeeding. These prescriptions take time to work in the body and may have side effects like insomnia. Because CBD is binds to the bodys receptors to create balance and works to minimize stress and anxiety and helps support sleep its often a first choice for moms seeking a natural plant-powered remedy that is non- pharmaceutical.

“ I love Juna because it seriously helped me overcome postpartum anxiety and be a better mom to my kids ”. Shylean G. *****


Topical vs. Ingestible Use of CBD When Breastfeeding

When it comes to choosing  topical versus ingestible CBD for breastfeeding moms there's not much data on the long term effects. However, at Juna we experience many postpartum mothers are turning to Juna for both! Our funcional body oil   accelerates the skin’s cellular turnover assisting it to repair and restore itself from pregnancy.  Some experts consider topical CBD products a bit safer that ingestible because CBD isn't entering your bloodstream in the same way.  In addition, we have many women taking our Ease Drops  to help with releasing physical, mental tension and inflammation, and our Balance Drops to relieve stress, reduce nervousness and overall mood boost.

So, Is Taking CBD while breastfeeding Safe?

Always check in with your doctor and or healthcare provider. Even though Cbd comes from a plant, it intelligently works to optimize the entire body and can interfere with some medications including but not limited to blood thinners. The most controversial part of taking CBD while breastfeeding is unfortunately the lack of research. The choice really lies between you and your doctor as there just isn't enough research that shows how CBD could impact breast milk. In our experience more and more breastfeeding mothers are turning to CBD to help with stress, anxiety and sleep and finding the relief they are looking for. If you do decide to use CBD, choose a brand like Juna that shows transparency with 3rd party tested, is organic, ewg verified and free of toxins.

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