The Daily Routine You Can Actually Follow

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Forget the added pressure of strict resolutions, this year we are choosing to enhance our daily routines...just by adding Juna.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Daily

Can I take CBD everyday? YES! We recommend a daily dose of CBD for long lasting effects your body can benefit from. 

By now, you’ve likely been introduced to Juna’s CBD as the anxiety reducer, stress reliever, and sleep aid, but CBD goes beyond these popular benefits. 

In short, your body is embedded with a sophisticated network of receptors known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), responsible for keeping our body balanced and feeling harmonious when facing environmental triggers. When the endocannabinoid neurotransmitters are overstimulated it can cause an imbalance resulting in negative body responses like brain fog, lack of focus, inflammation, and digestive issues. CBD is a natural cannabinoid that supports and restores balance within this system. 

A daily dose of CBD works cumulatively with your Endocannabinoid System, enhancing your body’s natural reaction to environmental and physiological responses. Allowing your ECS to run optimally and be efficiently responsive to combat the triggers that send our bodies into overdrive. 

We recommend treating your CBD dose like you would a daily multivitamin - take every day to maximize the benefits and response times. 

The way you choose to use CBD daily is based on your personal preferences...and some experimentation. If you are looking for an easy guide on where to start, look no further - we have created a comprehensive list of tips and sips you can add your CBD to so you actually remember to take it daily. 


A List of Things You Can Add Your Juna CBD to

1. Your Coffee 

Enhance your morning rituals with a drop of Juna. 

Tip: Leave a bottle of Balance next to your coffee machine so your pre coffee brain doesn’t even have to think about it. 

Sip: Eliminate anxiety and intensify focus with our Dalgona Coffee Recipe

CBD Coffee Recipe


2. Keep on Your Desk

Just because work is tense, doesn’t mean your muscles need to be. Store your Ease next to your laptop, so every time you hear an email hit your inbox, you can reach for your Juna CBD body oil. 

Tip: Rub and relax on tense muscles, like your neck and shoulders.

CBD body oil for sore muscles


3. Your Afternoon Pick Me Up

Restore calm and ensure focus during those midday luls with a drop of BalanceX. The extra strength defense system proven to combat daily overwhelm. 

Sip: The afternoon pick-me-up that cancels caffeine jitters and promotes focus.

Try Juna’s Balance Matcha now. 

CBD Matcha Recipe


4. Leave in Your Bathroom (on the sink or in the shower)

5PM already? Turn off your work brain with CBD. Ease CBG/CBD drops pair perfectly with your post-work unwinding rituals, whether its a bubble bath or a hot shower. 

Tip: For those *do not disturb moments, use as a sublingual (a fancy way of saying “drop under your tongue”)

CBD for Stress Relief


5. Your Wine or Cocktail

Optimize your happy hour by adding a drop of CBD. 

Juna’s botanical ingredients are designed to taste good directly under your tongue and even better paired with wine or a cocktail concoction. 

Sip: Your new favorite way to end the day, with this sophisticated spin on the classic wine spritz

The Juna Citrus Spritzer 

CBD Wine Spritzer Recipe


6. Your Bedside Table

The enhanced ritual we all need, because who slept in 2020...

Store your bottle of Nightcap next to your bed, so you’ll never have to endure a sleepless night again. 

Tip: We recommend using 1 hour before bed for a deeply restorative, anti aging sleep. Pairs perfect with our new Nightcap Sleepy Tea Recipe 

CBD for Sleep


7. Set Your Juna Subscription

Set it and forget it. The guaranteed method for your CBD daily dose - Juna delivered monthly to your doorstep. 

Tip: save 20% OFF by choosing one or multiple Juna products you can’t do a day without. 

Shop Juna CBD Collection


Explore the Juna CBD Collection


To sum it up, adding a daily dose of CBD is not only easy to integrate into your routines, but has long lasting and important benefits for your body’s defense system. 

Interested in learning more about how CBD works? We’ve got you covered, discover more here

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