Juna CBD ampm set | travel CBD set for women
Juna CBD ampm set | travel CBD set for women
Juna CBD ampm set | travel CBD set for women
Juna CBD ampm set | travel CBD set for women
Juna CBD ampm set
Calm, Clear, Rested


The AM/PM Set includes two 15ml bottles with a 2 week supply of CBD in each. Juna’s signature formulas, Balance (AM) and Nightcap (PM), are targeted for calming stress, boosting mood, and improving sleep. 

  • CBD drops, non-intoxicating
  • 1- Balance 150mg, 15ml
  • 1- Nightcap 375mg, 15ml
  • Great for travel
  • Designed for daily consumption
  • Grown organically


Morning to Night, the AM/PM Set is a great way to try Juna's best-selling Balance and Nightcap drops. Your daily support system of brain nourishing phyto-actives that centers the mind and balances the body.

When to Use

Balance for AM and Nightcap for PM, unlock the daily doses for mood and sleep support. 

How to Use

Drop under the tongue or in food/beverage of choice. 

  • In the AM to clear brain fog, boost mood, calm stress.
  • In the PM to get a deeply restorative sleep.
Organically Grown Single Origin Farms Full Spectrum Keto Friendly 3rd Party Verified Clean

The Nitty Gritty

Key Ingredients


  • CBD,CBC,CBG: With its science-backed ability to regulate key functions such as stress, pain, mood, memory, metabolism, appetite, sleep, and immune function, you can see why we consider CBD to be the ultimate superfood. Over time, CBD helps your body re-pattern and repair itself, creating internal harmony.
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil: The effectiveness of Juna stems from our exceptionally-rich, single-origin, sun-grown hemp plant. Rich in cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes combine synergistically to create a therapeutic entourage effect that’s greater than the impact of CBD alone.
  • MCT Coconut Oil: Mct is known as brain fuel. It metabolizes quickly for increased and sustained energy without the crash providing energy, jumpstarts metabolism, decreases cravings and supports a healthy gut microbiome. Its neutral flavor and light consistency are a perfect carrier for the hemp and supports it to work more efficiently in the body.
  • Terpenes: Beta-caryophyllene, A-pinene, A-Humulne, D-Limonene,B-Myrcene, Guaiol,A- bisabolol


  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: brimming with accessory cannabinoids such as CBN (known for sedating effects) and CBG (supports with anxiety relief) and antioxidants that scavenge the body and absorb age-accelerating compounds.
  • CBD: helps with sleep by impacting your circadian rhythms, or sleep-wake cycles and restores balance to the endocannabinoid system, which helps you sleep deeper at a more restorative level.
  • CBN: a minor cannabinoid known for its sedating effects.
  • Chamomile: primes liver detoxification pathways and decreases cortisol levels in the brain, helping you enter those deep, reparative stages of sleep. Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer, digestif and immune booster.
  • Passionflower: scientifically proven to prolong your stage 3 (deep sleep cycle). More Stage 3 Sleep = more time your body spends in age-reversal mode. This stage is also when our brain enters glymphatic mode ( this is where the brain actually washes itself to clean out the waste leaving you feeling refreshed the next day)
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Nerolidol, B caryophyllene, Eucalyptol, A humulne, A -Pinene, D limonne.

Tasting Notes

Light, Herbal, Floral-botanical


Kentucky (Organic), Vermont (Organic)

Full Ingredients

Balance: Certified organic MCT coconut oil, full spectrum hemp oil. 

Nightcap: Certified USDA organic Mct coconut oil, USDA organic full-spectrum hemp, USDA organic chamomile, USDA organic passionflower, and USDA organic mint.

None of the Ugly Stuff

  • GMOs 
  • pesticides 
  • heavy-metals 
  • non-organic 
  • ingredients 
  • gluten 
  • nuts 
  • sugar 
  • dairy


This product is a 3rd party lab tested and verified for potency (Cannabinoids and Terpenes), purity (no Heavy metals, microbiological and bacterial contaminants, pesticides, volatile organic compounds), and efficacy. 


View third-party lab testing report here.

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