Juna Nightcap Sleep Trial - Hemp for women
Juna Nightcap Sleep Trial - Hemp for women
Juna Nightcap Sleep Trial - Hemp for women
Juna Nightcap Sleep Trial - Hemp for women
Juna Nightcap Sleep Trial - Hemp for women
Silent, Soft, Serene

4 Night Sleep Trial

4 Night Sleep Trial of Juna's Best-Selling Nightcap formula. Use for 4 nights straight for best results. 

  • 4 Night Trial of Juna's Nightcap.
  • 4 - mini, 1 time use samples.
  • 1 sample per night.
  • No Melatonin.
  • Non-habit Forming.
  • USDA certified organic.
  • More stage 3 sleep.


Optimize your sleep cycles with the power of Full-Spectrum Hemp, CBN, Passionflower, Mint, and Chamomile. Plus, help prolong Stage 3 sleep when your body, skin, and brain repair themselves.

When to Use

1 hour before bed for a deeply restorative, anti-aging sleep.

How to Use

Use full mini bottle as 1 dosage. Drop under your tongue one hour before bed. For best results, reduce screen time 2 hours before bed and lower thermostat to 68-70 degrees to prep your body for superior shut-eye. *This product is best-used cumulatively to reset internal rhythms.
Organically Grown Single Origin Farms Full Spectrum Keto Friendly 3rd Party Verified Clean
4 Night Sleep Trial

The Nitty Gritty

Key Ingredients

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: brimming with accessory cannabinoids such as CBN (known for sedating effects) and CBG (supports with anxiety relief) and antioxidants that scavenge the body and absorb age-accelerating compounds. 
  • CBD: helps with sleep by impacting your circadian rhythms, or sleep-wake cycles and restores balance to the endocannabinoid system, which helps you sleep deeper at a more restorative level.
  • CBN: a minor cannabinoid known for its sedating effects.
  • Chamomile: primes liver detoxification pathways and decreases cortisol levels in the brain, helping you enter those deep, reparative stages of sleep. Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer, digestif and immune booster.
  • Passionflower: scientifically proven to prolong your stage 3 (deep sleep cycle). More Stage 3 Sleep = more time your body spends in age-reversal mode. This stage is also when our brain enters glymphatic mode ( this is where the brain actually washes itself to clean out the waste leaving you feeling refreshed the next day)
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Nerolidol, B caryophyllene, Eucalyptol, A humulne, A -Pinene, D limonne.

Tasting Notes

Minty, Herbal, Fresh


Vermont (Organic)

Full Ingredients

Certified USDA organic Mct coconut oil, USDA organic full-spectrum hemp, USDA organic chamomile, USDA organic passionflower, and USDA organic mint.

None of the Ugly Stuff

  • Made without GMOs
  • pesticides
  • heavy-metals
  • non-organic ingredients
  • gluten
  • nuts
  • sugar
  • dairy


This product is a 3rd party lab tested and verified for potency (Cannabinoids and Terpenes), purity (no Heavy metals, microbiological and bacterial contaminants, pesticides, volatile organic compounds), and efficacy. 

View third-party lab testing report here.

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