The Carryall
The Carryall
The Carryall
The Carryall
The Carryall
Reusable, Dependable, Functional

The Carryall

The Carryall is the glossier bag for adults. The neutral tyvek paper pouch features a zipper closure and only gets better the more you use it. It's versatile and perfect to carry all your Juna, everywhere life takes you. 

  • Non-toxic durable tyvek that wears beautifully with use.
  • Reuse + Repurpose
  • Zipper closure
  • Dimensions: 5.5"x8"


Life is too short to spend time looking for your essentials. Keep them all in one place with the Juna Carryall.

When to Use

Daily, on-the-go, and definitely on trips.

How to Use

Throw all your daily essentials in and go.
Organically Grown Single Origin Farms Full Spectrum Keto Friendly 3rd Party Verified Clean
The Carryall

The Nitty Gritty

Key Ingredients

  • tyvek paper

Tasting Notes

worn, soft, reusable



Full Ingredients

Made from durable tyvek paper, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

None of the Ugly Stuff

Made from durable tyvek paper. Non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

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