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A Guide To The Juna Protocol 

Feeling lost in your wellness routine or information overload giving you a heavy dose of decision fatigue? 

At Juna, we believe that you can't solve the problems of today with the products of yesterday. Juna creates award-winning wellness supplements to optimize mind, body, mood, and sleep so you can feel (and look) your best.

Juna Supplements

Whether your goal is detoxification, gut optimization, or enhancing sleep quality, Juna has a solution for you! Explore below to find the perfect starting point for your new wellness journey.

Start each morning off with a healthy boost from Detox water. The refreshing combo of chlorophyll, lemon, and mint helps aid your body in the process of flushing the toxins out and restoring the liver.

“The unique chemical structure allows chlorophyll to scavenge harmful free radicals, mitigate DNA damage, and modulate cellular processes involved in disease development. Furthermore, their hydrophobic side chains facilitate interactions with biological membranes, influencing cellular uptake and signaling pathways.” Enhancing Health Benefits through Chlorophylls and Chlorophyll-Rich Agro-Food: A Comprehensive Review.5 star rated Juna

“As a functional medicine expert, I have spent years figuring out the foods my body loves. But as someone who also has the MTHFR gene mutation that makes detoxing more difficult, there are times I still need to lean on some extra support - especially when I am traveling for work and eating a variety of different foods that I don't always eat. That's why I always have the JUNA Detox Enzymes and Detox Drops with me wherever I go. I do my best to live a non-toxic life, but no one can avoid toxins altogether.”  - Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine expert, IFMCP, DNM, DC, and author of Ketotarian, The Inflammation Spectrum, NYT-bestseller Intuitive Fasting, and Gut Feelings

5 star ratings Juna

Love this product! “I’m on my 4th bottle. Love this product. It helps with bloating! It’s great for flushing out toxins in the mornings.” - Maria Y.

5 stars

Game Changer Detox Solution! I have been using this product for a year now. There was a time I stopped using it and I noticed the difference immediately. I feel less bloated and my stomach inflammation has reduced significantly. It's a clean and effective product. Highly recommend. - Claudia F.


Like Your Favorite Digestive Enzyme + The Power Of Spore-Based Probiotics!

Doctor-formulated and science-backed, this signature blend of plant-powered digestive enzymes, spore-based probiotics, and herbs was designed to help you find relief from digestive discomfort such as bloating, gas, and constipation. Digestive enzymes are known for stimulating the digestive system for optimal food breakdown, boosting nutrient absorption, and overall gut wellness.

 5 star ratings

"Juna's Detox Enzymes were carefully designed with the most thoughtful ingredients to support every aspect of digestive health. They include a trifecta of select prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, combined with powerful natural ingredients to support detoxification. When combined with mindful eating and nourishing foods, you can take your digestive health to the next level with just two capsules before or during your meals." 

- Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, DO

juna ratings

Best Detox Product! As someone who has struggled with IBS for most of my life. This product has really helped me enjoy foods that I have not been able to enjoy without the feeling of being bloated and having discomfort in my stomach. I have been using for 4 months now and can't go without it now. I will continue to reorder! It is now a staple in my daily routine! - Nicole M.

Doctor formulated, Gut Therapy aids in repairing and restoring your gut. With 95% of our serotonin, 70% of our immunity, and 50% of dopamine created in our gut, optimal gut health is centric to lowering stress, boosting mood, improving immunity, supporting healthy blood glucose levels, boosting metabolism, and enhancing vitality.* Treat this as your new multivitamin since healing starts within your gut. Gut Therapy is formulated with L-Glutamine ( A powerful amino acid), specific probiotics, and plants that encourage optimal communication between the gut and brain to help boost mood and optimize mental and overall health. 

Great if you are looking to repair your gut post antibiotics, improve gut/brain axis, or reset after traveling.

Juna ratings

“No more bloating! After my first jar of gut therapy I have zero bloating or gas. My digestion feels stable and normalized after months of struggling to find the right products. Zero aftertaste and everything I need for gut health in one :)” - Brittney Y.

Slip into your deepest night of sleep with Juna’s Nightcap Gummies. Derived from plants, including a microdose of Phytomelatonin from St. John’s Wort to encourage your body's own optimal production of melatonin. Powered up by Passionflower to help increase stage 3, deep sleep when your cells renew and 72 trace minerals and magnesium citrate to support neurotransmitter and hormone regulation which resets sleep-wake cycles and binds to (GABA) receptors in your body to produce calming effects.


“ Finally a good night of sleeping! I have tried many products to help me sleep throughout the night and nothing worked for me. I read about Juna and figured I would give it a try since I was desperate for a good night of sleeping instead of get up 3 - 4 times a night. I have to say, the first time I used it I woke up to see the time on my clock was not 12am or 1am or 2am, but 5am, which is the time I need to wake up to start my day. WOW! I felt well rested and ready for a busy day ahead. I now look forward to going to bed and truly sleeping, it feels great!” - Lisa E.


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