Juna’s mission is to design the most effective, plant-powered formulas for the modern woman.

As busy career women and mothers, we needed an (effective) solution to optimize our every day. We wanted to sleep better, be more productive, balance our moods, and show up as the best versions of ourselves.
made by women, for womenmade by women, for womenmade by women, for womenmade by women, for women

Juna represents the growing wave of those who know: when you care for your mind, body, and mood - you bring your best self to the table and help others do the same.

Jewel Zimmer

Jewel Zimmer a serial entrepreneur, fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier in San Francisco informs her ingredient-focused approach to plant alchemy. She launched her first functional food {cocoa} absolute, with Barneys New York in 2009, infusing single-origin chocolate with adaptogenic raw cacao extracts to intensify the physiological and therapeutic benefits of the fruit.. The line soon gained an international following, and inspired her to work with other plants and botanicals. After years of research and development, building close relationships with farmers, chemists, and medical experts, Jewel established Juna with the goal of creating targeted plant-powered formulas for mind, body, mood and sleep.

Taylor Lamb

Taylor Lamb is an experienced growth marketing leader with a proven track record for significantly driving accelerated business growth. Prior to Juna, she led growth marketing and e-commerce for the direct-to-consumer sleepwear brand Lunya as well as popular jewelry brand, Gorjana. By integrating analytical data with human psychology, she identifies behavioral trends, growth opportunities, new acquisition channels, and she develops and implements strategic omni-channel marketing campaigns that drive both brand recognition and significant revenue growth. After becoming pregnant with her first child, Taylor found an increased awareness for her health, balance, and well-being. Similar to optimizing ad campaigns, she is on a journey to help optimize wellness through plant-powered biohacking. Juna’s organic, full-spectrum formulas have helped improve mood, balance, and sleep.
Inspired by the complex ecosystem of the hemp plant and its benefits, we passionately believe in the positive impact it can have both on our planet and in our hearts. We talk a lot about the collective at Juna. For us, the collective is a way to utilize all parts of something. This begins with utilizing the whole plant; all constituents and compounds naturally occurring or related to the ecosystem in which they survive. Studies actually show that these compounds work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of one another. This process extends far beyond the plant’s nutraceutical and experiential benefits and into a greater ecosystem for individual and collective health, environmental awareness, and social justice. This plant has always invited us to seek awareness and act on truth. We pledge to donate 1% of our collective profits to support the people and organizations that have supported this incredibly powerful and giving plant long before us.

Supporting Our Planet

We support farms that use regenerative practices such as permaculture, companion planting, crop rotation, seed diversity, composting, native planting, and the cessation of pesticide and herbicide use to build soil quality and protect biodiversity and the entire ecosystem. These regenerative practices sequester carbon from the atmosphere to help reverse climate change. Regenerative practices are crucial and intelligent solutions to supporting the health of our climate.

Supporting an Equitable Future

Cannabis for Black Lives (CfBL) is a coalition of 50 + and growing cannabis and CBD companies working to support Black led organizations and communities through a commitment to corporate hiring & company culture, amplification of Black voices, and financial support to make a greater impact together.