Three Tips to Improving Sleep By Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino

 Three Tips to Improving Sleep By Dr.Jaclyn Tolentino

Three Tips for Improving Sleep with Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino

"I’m Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, a Senior Doctor at Parsley Health, and Juna’s Womens’ Health Advisor, and here are my three top tips for getting a great night’s sleep:

(1) Unplug as early as possible - Power down your devices at least a few hours before bed and avoid artificial light at night as much as possible. Blue light blocking glasses might even be helpful for you. So here’s the deal with artificial light after dark. When we turn on and use our devices at night, or flip on bright overhead lights - this confuses the body to stimulate cortisol for alertness, when it really wants to relax and create melatonin.

(2) Time your meals and liquid intake appropriately! Eating dinner too close to bedtime forces your body to shift towards focusing on digestion instead of preparing for sleep. Reducing liquids at least 2-3 hours before bed can help keep your bladder happy overnight, so you’re not getting up to pee and disrupting restorative sleep.

(3) Create a pre-bedtime ritual that feels really good to you - something that helps you mentally and physically relax, like practicing a breathing exercise, putting on your favorite night cream, or even some gentle stretching or journaling before bed.

Juna has an entire line of sleep solutions if you’re looking for something more. The Nightcap rollerball is by my bedside each night and I roll it on before dozing off to sleep.

And to support more restorative, deep sleep, Juna’s Nightcap gummies might be part of your bedtime routine. What I love most about these gummies is the fact that they include a natural source of GABA from wild jujube's, a microdose of melatonin that’s derived from the plant St John Wort, a synergistic blend of 72 trace minerals in the form of elemental magnesium and other soothing ingredients like chamomile & passionflower. They are sugar free and guilt free.

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