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Dr. Will Cole is a leading functional medicine expert who consults people around the globe, starting one of the first functional medicine telehealth centers in the world over a decade ago. Named one of the top 50 functional and integrative doctors in the nation, Dr. Will Cole provides a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and brain problems. He is also the host of the popular The Art Of Being Well podcast and the New York Times bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting, Ketotarian, The Inflammation Spectrum and the brand new book Gut Feelings: Healing the Shame-Fueled Relationship Between What You Eat and How You Feel.

Q: What's your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 

A: I love Juna's Detox Drops! I do my best to live a non-toxic life, but no one can avoid toxins altogether. I love that I can just add these to a glass of water during my day and know that I am supporting liver detoxification and the elimination of toxins so they don't build up in my system for too long. Plus, if I happen to eat something when I am traveling that doesn't agree with me they are great for eliminating bloat as well! SLEEP DEEPER

Q: What does metabolic health mean to you and what are a couple ways you can work to optimize this daily?

A: To me, optimal metabolic health means being metabolically flexible. Metabolic inflexibility is both the underlying driver of health issues and a consequence of them. The good news is that by reestablishing metabolic flexibility you are putting a pin in that vicious cycle, turning it into a positive feedback loop instead to decrease inflammation, heal your gut, and balance blood sugar, leptin, and hormone levels. So many people struggle with poor metabolic health and don't understand why they are low on energy and can't lose weight. That's why I put together my new program, The Metabolic Recharge, to show people exactly how to tap into their body's own natural fat-burning pathways for vibrant energy, balanced hormones, and sustainable weight loss without the "big-pharma" side effects. The program is 90 days and launches in January 2024. There are only a limited number of pre-launch spots available, so claim your spot soon and you'll also receive a special bonus discount.


Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?

A: A non-negotiable for me is turning my phone off and staying off screens for at least an hour or two before bed to avoid melatonin-altering blue light. I noticed the biggest difference in my sleep duration and quality once I started charging my phone in a different room at night and not keeping it right next to me. I also love starting my morning with a cup of earl grey tea with bergamot. I typically fast in the morning and this helps amplify fasting's benefits like autophagy. Plus, it's a soothing way to wake up!

Q:  What helps keep you grounded? 

A: We have such a FOMO society that results in comparison, stress, and anxiety. That's why I have fully embraced the art of JOMO - short for Joy of Missing Out - in order to cut out all of the unnecessary noise. By saying yes to only the things that fuel my mental, emotional, and physical health, I can stay in my lane and prioritize the things that mean the most to me and align with my priorities. It's hard to stay true to yourself if you are constantly being influenced by everyone else.

Q: Current Favorite Book/Podcast/Playlist?

A: I love listening to The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson. I've interviewed him on my own podcast, The Art Of Being Well, and I think he is so insightful and he always has great content. And if you know me, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is historical documentaries. While I love to read, I am a sucker for a good documentary!

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