Affiliate Program

Help Us Build a More Balanced World

The world is awakening to a new level of collective consciousness, where people are reevaluating how they can take better care of themselves, and others. 

To state the obvious, it's not “business as usual” these days. So we're creating new streams of revenue for us and YOU, while fulfilling the collective call for balance and sustainable stress relief. Share Juna with your loved ones, build peace of mind for yourself.

As a Juna World Ambassador, you will:  
Receive a personalized 15% off affiliate code to share with friends, family, and communities

Earn 20% of any sales that are generated through your affiliate code

Receive a customizable template for you to send to your community - making it easy for you and your team to launch your campaign through newsletters, social, and on your website.

Access to weekly newsletters to share with your community that cover the ecosystem of our world: the science of Juna, how to optimize your mind, body, sleep, and skin with CBD, other cannabinoids and plant powered therapeutics, recipes, surveys, giveaways, how our health is connected to our environment, and more. 


Once you’re aboard, we’ll create a code for you to start sharing with your community immediately! Sign up is easy - and takes less than 2 minutes.