Our Story / Our Founder

Redefining Expectations:

Jewel Zimmer’s background as a fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier informs her ingredient-focused approach to hemp alchemy. She launched her first chocolate collection, {cocoa} absolute, with  Barneys New York in 2009, infusing single-origin chocolate with naturally occurring mood enhancers, cannabinoid anandamide and polyphenol antioxidants found in the cacao bean to intensify the physiological benefits of the chocolate.

Her chocolates inspired her to experiment with additional botanical actives, plant extracts and challenge these actives to stay in the purest, palatable state possible. After years of research and development, building close relationships with farmers, chemists, and medical experts, Jewel created Juna with the goal of creating effective formulas by unlocking the plant potential.

Deeply inspired by the science of mental, physical, spiritual, and gastronomical optimization, Jewel has been a featured speaker at Bay Area panels, the Forbes AgTech Future of Food Summit, and continues to be a thought leader on cannabis, and therapeutic wellness.


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