10 ways to get rid of a bloated stomach

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There's nothing worse than feeling bloated. Whether it’s after a meal or when you wake up from improper digestion the day prior, it sucks, period.  Stomach discomfort not only affects the way you feel in your body but it affects your mood as well, putting a damper on your energy which can result in lack of motivation.

This when a detox supplement, like Juna's Detox Drops can be imperative to feeling clean, regular and restored.

So, what causes bloating in the stomach? Unfortunately, the cause of a bloated stomach isn't one size fits all. So many things can throw our bodies out of balance and lead to belly bloat. From too much salty food or alcohol, poor digestion, constipation, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, a buildup of toxins or an under active liver it all feels, well, gross.

Wondering how to get rid of bloat and what relieves bloating fast? Here are our top 10 bloating remedies and great tips and tricks on how to get rid of a bloated stomach and stop bloat before it starts. 

debloat with chlorophyll detox drops

1. Drink chlorophyll water as soon as you wake up.

Adding chlorophyll to your morning water supercharges and transforms it into a powerhouse detox drink to cleanse, digest and debloat. This verdant and vibrant colored water amplifies the oxygen supply in the body on a cellular level optimizing energy production, boosting overall metabolism, detoxes the liver and tissues, increases gut flora and supplies the brain with clarity. We recommend Juna's detox drops for daily use to keep your body flushing out what it doesn't need. 

Drink first thing in the morning to help kick start your digestion and replenish the body after a long sleep.  Water additionally dilutes acidity, flushes out the stomach and works to balance the lymphatic system. Drinking water will not only help you stay hydrated but it can also relieve constipation. Water circulating through your intestines keeps you regular and encourages morning bowel movements. 

2. Eat more fiber.

Eat more fiber rich foods. Fiber isn't always what you think; raspberries are one of the most fiber rich foods on the planet, taste great and increase the transit time of food in your system, decreasing your chances of feeling bloated. They also help eliminate toxic chemicals and excess hormones, which decrease your chances of reabsorbing them into the body.

3. Drink peppermint tea in between meals.

Foods to reduce bloating quickly. Peppermint is widely recognized for helping soothe digestive issues and has been known to help your tummy feel less bloated and even flat. Since antiquity women have been using peppermint to aid with uncomfortable bloating and inflammation caused by menstruation. It has a cool, soothing, refreshing flavor and tastes great warm or on ice.

4. Drink magnesium. 

Supplementing with magnesium can reduce constipation. Bloating has also been linked to low magnesium. Magnesium citrate—is a kind of magnesium that relaxes your gastrointestinal tract and supports elimination. The best way to take magnesium is with a large glass of water when you go to bed and another first thing in the morning. For an extra belly flattening bonus, add chlorophyll and/or take a celery supplement.

5. Reduce sodium intake.

It's no secret that sodium/salt retains water in the body which leads to uncomfortable bloat. Although this is temporary, some research suggests a connection between weight gain and excess sodium consumption.

gut health and gut detox 

5. Rock and Roll

For all the mamas out there who have newborns with gas, you know how this works. Laying on your back and rocking your feet over your head helps move gas through your body allowing you to release bloat.  Exercise, even walking or stretching can also help to expel any gas that might be causing bloat and increase your circulation, which aids digestion helping to move your intestinal tract and release any blockage. 


6. Eat pineapple, natures digestive enzyme

Bromelain and enzyme naturally found in pineapple has a long history of use to reduce inflammation and swelling in the digestive tract. Bromelain helps the body’s digestive mechanisms to reduce large protein molecules into small amino acids. These amino acids are crucial for your body’s production of muscle tissue, neurotransmitters, and other protein-based molecules. Because of this function, bromelain has been known to reduce bloating and gas. It additionally helps balance the acidity of the stomach and alkalinity of the small intestine and is safe to consume daily.

7. Chew on fennel seeds or drink fennel tea.

Another mom hack, adult gripe water. Fennel is one of the best ways to fight gas and bloating. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help calm your stomach and digestive track. Try chewing on fennel seeds or drinking a cup of fennel tea to relax your intestinal muscles. (If you’re pregnant, please consult your physician first. 

8. Take an epson salt bath.

Magnesium in the form of Epsom salts is a natural laxative, detoxifier and the ultimate hydrator. Seems most people are naturally deficient in magnesium and your skin being the largest organ in your body this is a non negotiable ritual to replenish essential nutrients and help your body eliminate at the same time.

If you still frequently experience digestive discomfort and are still wondering how to prevent bloat you may need to further adjust your diet, or talk to a health professional that specializes in gut and digestive health.  We are fans of functional medicine  Dr.Will Cole. His podcast the Art of Being Well is one of our favorites.

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