5 Steps to Save Your Relationship

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By now, you have probably heard the term “love language” - whether it be in a podcast, an article, or a relationship book you flipped through but never finished. 

The “experts” define it by how we optimally express and receive love, which has been categorized by five chosen types. Our supposed love languages shape the way we respond, react, and behave in relationships - ultimately providing a guide on how to make loved ones happy (including ourselves) and resolve relationship problems. However, this is no longer a one size fits all solution.

The typical love language playbook doesn’t have a cheat sheet for modern day lovers. Until now. We have curated a guide for those looking to show themselves or others love, all while effectively navigating everyday relationship tension triggers.

Our number one love language: CBD. 

Just Add Juna. It’s cheaper than couples therapy, especially: 

1. When their stressful Zoom meeting overlaps with your stressful Zoom meeting (and you both are loud talkers)...

 Go video off and pass the Balance X



2. When they eat all the left overs...

Gift them a bottle of Juna Ease and send them a sexy massage tutorial. See if they get the hint...since they like to have their hands all over your stuff.



3. When they steal your comfy spot on the couch...

Add a drop of Juna Balance in your wine to evoke calm and embrace their cuddle 


4. When their snoring and furnace of a torso has you considering a 2-bedroom scenario...

Drop Juna Nightcap and beat them to the Zzz


5. When they've lived 3+ decades and still have no idea how to swap a toilet paper roll...

Drop Juna Balance under your tongue and waddle your stash. You got this.



Juna CBD is the universal love language all relationships need. It’s the problem solver when we need to embrace the eye roll moments and show ourselves or our partners some love. 


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