How To Guide: Tantra Breathing

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I had a baby a little over a year ago and it completely shifted my self confidence and how I felt in my own skin. I mean gaining 50 lbs and wearing adult diapers for two weeks doesn’t really make you feel sexy. 

I’ve lost most of the weight now but have still been yearning to feel sexy (or even just comfortable) in my skin again. I tried all these different things like changing my hair, buying new clothes, and spending way too at the med spa before I realized it wasn’t about feeling sexy… it was really about my confidence and self love. And with that realization, like most things in my life, catapulted me down a rabbit hole where I began my journey to an enlightened place of self love. 

It started with some internet research, then a birth chart reading by @corinacrysler, started following Suzy Batiz, microdosed, listened to a ton of podcasts, and then started a new wellness routine for myself.  One that I could keep up with and that didn’t require any equipment, classes, or other people. It only requires yourself and 10 mins of alone time. The only thing making life easier then that would be my Detox protocol - plant-powerred digestive supplements and breathwork

Tantra Breathing

Tantra breathing, if done well (and consistently) you become more in-tune and happy with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way you feel pleasure. This allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled. It’s about allowing, recognizing, and practicing things that bring pleasure and awaken your senses… or simply boosting self love. 

It’s a form of meditation even and only takes 10 mins. For me, I practice tantra breathing and incorporate mood enhancing products like the Juna’s Ease tincture and our Ease sensual body oil to release any tension and enhance my experience. 

There are even some very powerful women that are using a routine like this to help manifest what they want in the world because you can tap into your unconscious. 

For me it:

  • 1. Quiets my mind to improve clarity & mood.
  • 2. Helps cultivate a relaxed mindset.
  • 3. Increase desire.
  • 4. Boost confidence & serotonin.
  • 5. Feel better with a lot of the changes I went through physically and emotionally.
  • 6. Raise energy and increase awareness


How to practice Tantra breathing— The stimulating breath

The 4-7-8 breath technique:

This technique can help you release tension and relax your body. You can try this technique while sitting across from your partner, synchronizing your breath or solo in a comfortable position.If with a partner, make sure you both have fresh breath (duh) and do it close enough to feel each other breathing. You can also place your hands on the opposite partner’s chest to feel them breathing in and out. I prefer to be in a semi dark room or even in a warm bubble bath.

 To do this:

  1. 1. Dose some Juna Ease to calm the mind and rub Ease functional oil on your temples. 
  2. 2. Exhale through your mouth, then close your mouth.
  3. 3. Inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.
  4. 4. Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  5. 5. Exhale through your mouth completely to a count of eight.
  6. 6. Repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths.
  7. 7. The counting breath


tantra breathing

The quickie method:

  1. 1. Dose some Juna Balance or Ease to calm the mind.
  2. 2. Close your eyes and soften your belly.
  3. 3. Inhale and exhale quickly through your nose, keeping your mouth closed.
  4. 4. Try three in-and-out breaths per second for 15 seconds.
  5. 5. Breathe normally after the cycle ends, then try again for 20 seconds, increasing by five seconds until you reach one full minute.

Any position can be a tantric position, as tantra is about connection and not specific movements. But as you begin your journey into tantric principles, you may want to start with some of the basics. We love following @c

For instructions on how to give a tantric massage you should check out this other article. 

Why take Juna CBD and CBG to help calm your mind during Tantra breathing? 

All cannabinoids like CBD and CBG interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate mood, memory, appetite, sleep, the immune system, and many other functions still being discovered.

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