A Guide: How To Harness Female Intuition

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I am Corina Crysler, a transformational astrologer and solo sacred sexuality expert. I'm here in honor of Juna world today, and women's week to talk about how we tap into our powerful female intuition. This is something a lot of my clients come for and it's quite easy once we start to trust ourselves. 

So the first thing with this is to really look at your expectations around it. Whether you want to connect to spirit or hear messages or get your own answers for what you're seeking, it's important to let go of expectations. We all have different processes of imaging so using our imagination, and how we bring in information and the energy to us. So the first thing that I find absolutely paramount is letting go of what you think it needs to look like. Some people hear it, some people see it, some people feel it, sometimes there's just a knowing or sensation. The way everyone processes will be completely different because our astrological birth charts are all very, very different. So let go of the expectation first. 

And then the second thing is women are the creators. We have creation energy that comes from the womb, that is super powerful. And when we can connect to our sexual energy, which is also called creation energy, we can really tap into this lifeforce and into the cosmos, and our soul map which is a little bit of our secret power. So what we want to do to connect to our intuition is to lean into this space and to listen and pay attention. So the first thing we're gonna do is let go of expectations, we all imagine in different ways. Second thing we're going to do is understand our room space and try to connect to this to really listen to what's also known as our gut instincts. What you want to do first is, make sure you're in a space that feels good to you, where you feel yourself. And the one thing with intuition, too, is a lot of people sometimes depending on their astrological birth chart, they process energy and information very differently. If you have a lot of water in your chart, like me, sometimes we hold on to things that aren't ours. 

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It's important when we really want to tap into our intuition that we are in our own resonance, we're in our own frequency. We can raise our frequencies by doing some simple practices to really tap into this knowing we're looking for. 


  1. 1. Space: Be in a sacred space where you can be yourself and feel comfortable and safe. If you have a Juna daytime CBD, you can dose it to help calm your body and mind. 

  1. 2. Ground yourself: Sit on your sit bones, move your pelvic floor around to make sure that root is really pressed on the floor. This is what grounds us this is an anchor. We want to sit on the floor so that you can feel your sit bones connect to the ground.

  1. 3. Your hands: Your left hand is your feminine side, this is the receptive energy and your right hand is the masculine side. So this would be more your mind and your more energetic aspects. So I tend to put my right hand flat on the ground because I'm not receiving masculine I want to receive I'm tapping into my female intuition. Having your Left hand up, right hand down, prepares you to ask the question you're seeking.

  1. 4. Breath: Sit with your eyes closed and ask the question you are seeking. Take a couple deep breaths in through the nose. Hold the breath. Exhale through the mouth, in through the nose, filling up the belly, the chest, hold the breath, activating that parasympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system and out through the mouth. And you can do this for as long as you need till you feel grounded and rooted and calm. You want to be in a state of calm, not in anxiety or panic when you're tapping into your intuition.

  1. 5. Shift Frequencies and ask your clear questions: Picture your energetic chakra system, we have one in our womb, which is called the cosmic womb two, which will activate in a minute, but I just want you to think of the light above your head coming down to your third eye. And this white light is just cleansing, it has wisdom, and it's just sort of cleansing your chakra systems, I sometimes picture it swirling, shifting any energies or any frequencies that you don't want that aren't yours out, down to the throat, bring this light down to the throat, shifting and moving anything that is lower vibrational or is not yours. Just notice it being released and move it down to the heart. Allow this white light to cleanse, clear. And just notice any frequencies that aren't yours. Any energy, any heartache any loneliness out this will allow it to be released allowing this light to really fill up your heart space, which is very important for your intuition to move this light down to just above your belly button. And let this light move and shift any energies or any frequencies that need to have released out of your body. Moving and shifting, and pulling this light down to your world where all the information is where you connect to the cosmos, knowing the energy that you are the creator. The point in where your sexual energy can attract anything you desire, allow this light to activate that area moving anything that is a different frequency that isn't yours out and now pull the light down to your root and pelvic floor. Clearing and cleansing any energy or frequency that is in you. Now pull this light down to the ground down into the earth. And I want you to imagine your mind kind of flowing through now that all your chakra systems are open and clear. pulling it down to the ground. And just keep imagining the mind going down down down, down, down down down allowing your mind to be clear, clear, clear.

  1. Answer: You are in your resonance now your energy, your frequency. This is who you are, this is your essence. And they'll ask your question. And the first thing that comes to your mind is your answer. 

 harness female intuition

This is my personal guide on how to connect with your intuition. You can bring crystals in your life, you can have some smoke to kind of cleanse your energy first. This is a daily practice that you can do especially in the morning when you wake up. Just take five minutes and just imagine the cleansing and clearing receptive energy through the left hand grounding energy with right and just trust. The first thing that comes to you. This is how you can empower yourself. This is how you can take your own understanding of what you want and realize that the answers are never outside of yourself. They're always within yourself. Again, I'm Corina Crysler and thank you so much for having me and happy women's week!

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