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Claudia Gilani is a passionate herbalist, alternative health practitioner, podcast host, and the founder of Healing The Source. Join us in conversation about all things health & Juna. 

Q: What's your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 
A: I LOVE Juna's Detox Drops. I use them every morning in a glass of spring water on an empty stomach. It tastes so refreshing and helps keep my skin looking fresh and keeps bloating at bay. This bottle goes everywhere with me, especially on vacation.

Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?
A: Getting morning sunlight on as much of my body as possible, standing on the earth (dirt, sand, grass) barefoot to ground myself, and having a nourishing breakfast to support my hormones and set myself up for a successful day.  

Q: Favorite way to connect to nature?
A: Daily walks outdoors are a must. I love hiking, sitting near a tree while reading or watching the clouds pass, and gardening. Picking herbs that I grew myself is not only so satisfying but also settles my mind and connects me to Mother Nature. 

Q: A quote or mantra that speaks to you/motivated you?
A: I am intentional with my day. I am present. I am in control. Everything is working in my favor.


















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