Wellness With @chefbae

As seen on Food Network and America’s Test Kitchen, Brooke “Chef Bae” Baevsky, is an LA-based celebrity private chef & the Host of Overheard Eats.

Q: What's your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 
A: I add Juna detox drops to my morning and evening warm water with lemon.

Q: Any health concerns that you are currently trying to support?
A: Always trying to best support my gut and have a regular sleep schedule.

Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?
A: Hugs from my boyfriend and puppy.

Q: What helps keep you grounded? 
A: Looking back on where I was 5+ years ago.

Q: Favorite way to connect to nature?
A: Being by a lake.

Q: Current Favorite Book/Podcast/Playlist? 
A: Malcolm Gladwell books.

Q: A quote or mantra that speaks to you/motivated you?
A: Everything happens for a reason.

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