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Julie Civiello Polier is a celebrity facialist, holistic esthetician, Reiki Master, spiritual motivator, and intuitive guide. Her work draws from over a decade of training in movement and voice, massage, breathwork, spiritual psychology, and energy studies infused with her own intuition. Julie believes that we all hold the power to tune in and heal ourselves, and she guides her clients to tap into their unique gifts.

Q: What's your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 
A: My absolute favorite product is the Detox Enzymes!!! I have reminders with cute emojis set into my phone so I remember to take my enzymes at the start of every meal, and I pack them in my cute portable vitamins case in my purse, so I'm never without them. I love how high quality Juna's ingredients are, they actually taste and smell like they are ALIVE, which is exactly how enzymes are supposed to optimally function! And I especially love sharing these with my clients because Juna chose ingredients that are suited for all blood types.



Q: Any health concerns that you are currently trying to support?
A: These days I'm witnessing my stress levels with extra attention and care. I have a lot on my plate personally. I'm a single mom with a thriving business and a very intimate team, on the verge of quite a lot of expansion in every area. Maybe it's just me, yet I feel these Detox Enzymes not only assist in the nutrient designation and solid breakdown of my clean and healthy diet, the Enzymes also seem to assist with breaking down my emotional load so my emotions don't rule me.

Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?
A: Smiling first thing in the morning is my best morning ritual. I greet the day with a smile and I notice I am flooded with appreciation and gratitude. And it's the best when my son throws his arms around me and growls, "Mamaaaaa."

Q: What helps keep you grounded? 
A: Breathing long and deeply really assists me in every moment, whether it be an exhilarating high or an ultra low blow. I love to completely exhale, sometimes pushing the bottom of the breath all the way out, so that the next inhale is truly a fresh breath, fresh perspective, fresh invitation for all the joy, beauty, and wonder I am inviting into my life. I don't want my breath to be a recycling of the stagnant old breaths.

Q: Favorite way to connect to nature?
A: I love jumping in the ocean all year round, no matter where I am in the world. Growing up in Maine, I would jump in on New Year's Day. It's rejuvenating like nothing else and wipes the slate clean if you've a hangover ;) Currently, I live in Los Angeles, and will take you up on any opportunity to jump in the ocean.

Q: Current Favorite Book/Podcast/Playlist? 
A: Advanced Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss. I've reread this a bajillion times. And also I'm taking Kabbalah Course One with David Ghiyam and it's fantastic. 

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