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Q: What's your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 

A: I love starting my morning with the Juna detox drops. I am a huge fan of the research behind chlorophyll and prioritize it early in the day.


Q: Any health concerns that you are currently trying to support? 

A: I was diagnosed with lupus, hashimotos, and endometriosis in my late teens. While these are all in remission now, I must be intentional with what I put in my body. One of the main pillars of health that I focus on daily is my body's natural detoxification pathways. The word detox has gotten a bad rep over the last couple of years, but it's one of the fundamental pieces to good health. Over time, I found that ensuring my detoxification pathways were properly functioning (especially phases I & II of the liver) was critical to my health success. 


Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?

A: Hmmm, I live by the saying 'tea first thing and last thing.' So, I like to start my day with a cup of tea and end my day the same way. 


Q: What helps keep you grounded? 

A: Physically grounding every morning and prioritizing time in nature each day. I am a big fan of mid-day nature walks to re-center my nervous system. 


Q: Favorite way to connect to nature?

A: I live in Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so even just going for walks here is beautiful. I spent a lot of time in the woods with my husband and dog, walking, foraging, just enjoying the landscape.


Q: Current Favorite Book/Podcast/Playlist? 

A: I love the Toast podcast. It's totally not health-related, but a good respite from my day-to-day.


Q: A quote or mantra that speaks to you/motivated you?

A: I keep the rule of thirds on my desk. A third of the time you'll feel good, a third of the time you'll feel okay, and a third of the time you'll feel pretty bad. It helps keep me grounded on a daily basis! 

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