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I’m Illie, also known as Healthillie. I am a holistic health coach, FDN-P in training and founder of Live Healthillie. My own struggles with my health drove me to pursue holistic wellness and become more inquisitive about how our food can impact everything from our gut to our brain.

Q: What’s your favorite Juna product and how do you incorporate it into your everyday routine? 
A: I feel like im always cycling through my favorite Juna product and right now it would probably be the Chlorophyll! As someone who has been learning more about preconception health I came across some information on how Chlorophyll can help with iron levels and anemia! This is super important in general but even more so during pregnancy since anemia can be common! On top of that it’s just great for energy and gut health so I take it daily! 



Q: Any health concerns that you are currently trying to support? 

A: The past 6 months I’ve been focusing on my nervous system regulation. It really is the root cause of so many diseases! 

Q: A morning (or nightly) ritual you swear by?
A: MORNING SUNLIGHT & LIGHT MOVEMENT! I know that’s two but I usually do both at the same time like a morning walk. Helps move lymph, improves cortisol levels, gets the body just ready for the day.

Q: What helps keep you grounded?
A: My family and friends. Growing up in a tight knit family will always have you grounded in where you came from and your values. 

Q: Favorite way to connect to nature?
A: Hiking. There is nothing like being in the middle of the woods, the smell of the trees and fresh air. I love it.

Q: Current Favorite Book/Podcast/Playlist? 
A: Can you believe I JUST picked up my first Joe Dispenza book?? That’s my current favorite right now.














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