Your Head-to-Toe Guide: How to Use Essential Oils Topically

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Essential oils are most popularly used in beauty, but most importantly, in wellness.

Their therapeutic properties are known to heal the body and engage the mind. A single essential oil contains between 20-60 active compounds like terpenes - which are the mood, aroma, experiential and sensory molecule, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino and omega fatty acids that support elevated mood, relaxation, increased focus, and inner calm.

How do essential oils work?

The science shows botanical essential oils support regulation of the endocrine system where our stress hormone (cortisol), our sleep hormone (melatonin) and our sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) reside allowing the body to transition into a more optimized state. Essential oils can help with boosted mood, relaxation, anxiety relief, immunity, increased sex drive, balance hormnoes and more.

What makes them *active- botanical therapy?

Juna’s proprietary nano encapsulation technology allows for increased absorption, deeper penetration, enhances the therapeutic benefits to be 2x more effective and protects the active medical compounds from degrading. These mood-shifting essential oils use scientifically proven functional botanicals that will reset the mind and shift your mood. They are great on the go for fast, effective relief.

Where to roll essential oils on your skin:

Activating certain areas of the body with essential oil therapy has been known to stimulate the body's relief response, ease pain and restore balance to the body.

essential oils for wrists
Wrists: A powerful pulse point and portal into the body. Roll on Balance, Ease, or Nightcap onto your wrist, rub them together to use the warmth to active the botanicals and then deeply inhale the aroma to awaken your senses and shift your mood.

Essential oils on temples

Temples: Probably the most well-known area to put essential oils to relieve tension, headache and lift the mood. Needing a mid-afternoon boost? Try dabbing the Balance roller on temples and on the back of your neck to create a Balance Peppermint Halo effect. It’s super awakening and lifting.

essential oils behind ears

Behind ears and above jawline: The most important pressure points as it affects your entire body. It’s the parasympathetic pressure point and activates your nervous system. When the body is in a parasympathetic state it has the ability to fight off stress and sustain optimal overall health.

Chest: Essential oils on the chest can help you breathe deeper, open the lungs and promote inner relaxation. We recommend trying the Balance or Ease in this location.

essential oils for your stomach

Stomach: Consider applying essential oils to the stomach when you’re having digestive issues. You’d be shocked at how quickly you can soothe a sore tummy with a little peppermint essential oil (found in our Balance roller). Just as it calms when used on the temples, it can calm your stomach if you’re nervous, nauseous or have indigestion.

essential oils for feet

Feet: Last but certainly not least, use essential oils on your feet for an incredibly effective at-home cure for a variety of issues. Experts say the feet absorb essential oils faster than other part of the body due to the number of pressure points. Take advantage of massaging essential oils onto reflexology points on the feet, like the inner arches for digestion and grounding for sleep. We recommend trying our Nightcap roller on your feet before bed for relaxation and to promote deeper sleep.

Bonus Application - Let’s talk essential oils and Breath— Research has shown that inhalation of essential oils links directly to the brain; particularly in regard to hormonal control and emotional regulation. For simple breath application inhale for 5-10 breaths.

How much should I use? Our philosophy is always- Less is More. Our formulations are highly concentrated; a single plant, when extracted, may produce only 1 drop of botanical essential oil.
“ Essential oils are the essence, the soul of all plants” Rudolf Steiner

benefits of essential oils on the body

Curious how to choose and use active botanical essential oils?

This all comes down to “ How do you want to feel”? All of Juna’s products are formulated with specific botanicals to work synergistically with one another to maximize and enhance the alchemical benefits of the plant. They work to solve targeted imbalances in the body like stress, sleep and tension. We’ve taken the guesswork out and created 3 powerful mood-shifting formulas to help you feel your best at the times you need it most.

*For those that don’t want to take an ingestible supplement but are looking for powerful mood shifting results this active - botanical - topical- therapy is for you.

juna essential oil rollerballs


What Juna’s Active- Botanical- Therapy Rollerballs are used for:

Nightcap: The ultimate nighttime essential oil blend for sleep. Juna’s proprietary nanoparticle mood-shifting essential oils use scientifically proven functional botanicals that will calm racing thoughts and promote deeply restorative sleep.

When to use: The Nightcap Active Botanical Therapy Rollerball is best used before bed.

Where to use: Roll on temples, behind the ears, wrists, and soles of the feet to experience the deeply calming benefits.

_ Lavender: improve anxiety, tension, blood circulation and menstrual cramps.
_ Sandlewood: reduces insomnia, sedative.
_ Bergamot: reduces anxiety, promotes sedative qualities.
_ Chamomile: decreases cortisol levels in the brain, helping you enter deep, reparative stages of sleep. Commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer, digestif and immune booster.
_ Vanilla: reduce hyperactivity and restlessness, quiet the nervous system, and relieve anxiety.

Balance HALO: A sensory experience to lift your mood and awaken your senses. Juna's nanoparticle mood-shifting Balance Halo is a complex essential oil rollerball that uses scientifically proven functional botanicals that will reset the mind and shift your mood. They are great on the go for fast, effective relief. The perfect upgrade from a peppermint halo or an awakening essential oil blend

When to use: The Balance Active Botanical Therapy Rollerball is best used in the mornings and throughout the day when you need an awakening mood boost. * keep it in your purse or on your desk for a quick mood lift. Where to use: Roll on temples, behind the ears, stomach, chest, wrists, breathe deep and experience the mood shifting benefits.

_ Cedarwood: soothing effect on the mood, grounding, stress reducing.
_ Frankincense: promote feelings of relaxation, peace and overall wellness.
_ Geranium: reduces stress/anxiety and restores balance hormones.
_ Peppermint: improves mental function, awakens the senses, reduces headache and physical/mental tension.
_ Grapefruit: boosts mood, cognitive enhancement and promotes focus.
_ Eucalyptus: opens breathing passages, high in antioxidants, both energizing and relaxing.

High Level Science: increased amounts of sesquiterpenes, found in the essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood, help increase the amount of oxygen around the pineal glands in the brain leading to an increase in secretions of antibodies, endorphins and neurotransmitters in the brain.

relaxing essential oils
Ease: A sensory experience to ease stress, relax the mind, and release tension. Juna's nanoparticle Ease rollerball uses scientifically proven functional botanicals that will calm and relax even your toughest days. They are great on-the-go for fast, effective relief. The perfect addition to your Netflix & Chill or PMS kit.

When to use: The Ease Active Botanical Therapy Rollerball is best used throughout the day/evenings, during PMS, and anytime when you are looking to relax and chill.

Where to use: Roll on temples, behind the ears, wrists, breathe deep and experience the mood shifting benefits. For PMS relief, roll on lower stomach and temples.

_Turmeric: improve mood. promote positivity and relax muscles.
_Lavender: improve anxiety, tension, blood circulation and menstrual cramps.
_Geranium and rose: reduces stress/anxiety and balances hormones.
_Clary sage: calms the mind, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, balances hormonal tension.
_Bergamot: reduces anxiety, promotes sedative qualities.
_Ylang ylang: promotes relaxation, sexual desire and reduces anxiety.

How Juna’s Active Botanical Therapy Rollerballs are different:
We utilize a proprietary nano encapsulation technology for:
_ Increased and accelerated absorption
_ Deeper cellular penetration
_ Enhances and amplifies the therapeutic benefits to be 2x more effective and protects the active medicinal compounds from degrading.

Juna’s rollerball application is designed for a clean, seamless topical application and can be applied directly on skin for rapid absorption throughout the body.


Super sensitive Skin?
Consult with your doctor prior to use and always test it on a small patch of skin (non on face) first before incorporating it into your daily routine.

Note: If your skin is sensitive, or if you’re pregnant or nursing, it’s always a good idea to talk to a doctor before using an essential oil on the skin.

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