Hibiscus Grapefruit Negroni

4 Ingredients

Hibiscus Grapefruit Negroni

4 Ingredients

A healthy twist on a class indulgence.


1.5-2 teaspoons dried hibiscus flowers/tea

12 oz water

1 grapefruit juiced or 6 oz of grapefruit juice

3-4 limes- approx. 6 oz of lime juice

Gin (we love Amass)


Hibiscus is high in antioxidants, good for boosting immunity and supporting healthy digestion.

How to:
Steep boiling water and flowers for 1 hour. Then sweeten 8oz tea with 2-3 tablespoons honey, coconut sugar, or regular sugar. You want to make it a little sweet because this will be your 'mixer'. Use less sugar as you wish.

In a shaker combine below for each serving

2 oz hibiscus tea concentrate

2 oz grapefruit juice

2 oz gin or lime juice

Add 1 serving of Juna Balance CBD

Shake, and strain.

Garnish with lime, grapefruit peel or hibiscus flowers to make it extra special.

Recipe contributed by Meredith Baird, Plant-based Chef and founder of Nucifera Beauty

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