"Detoxing vs Dieting: Why Detoxing May Be a Better Option for Your Health"

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What Is the difference between daily detox and dieting?

Detox is a cleansing or purifying of the organs and digestive system to release  toxins from the body. The goal is for the body to feel cleansed, recharged and high functioning.

Let's face it, diets don't work and are not the solution to a healthy body. Dieting is a practice of limitation and generally restriction leaving the body feeling in-content and desiring more. But still, so many of are searching for how to eat for a flat tummy, aka how to eat to avoid bloat.

Detoxes, sometimes referred to as cleanses, are often practiced to remove harmful toxins from the body. We accumulate and absorb so much physically, mentally and emotionally, clearing out the body's excess and toxins is imperative. The desired result from participating in a detox is a full body reset that cleanses the liver of excess toxins and estrogen, clears brain fog, boosts metabolism, optimizes digestion and  helps you feel nourished and energized. 

A detox may or may not involve a period of intermittent fasting, followed by a regimen of clean, high antioxidant/detox foods such as: fruit, vegetables, juices, fiber, water, herbs, teas, supplements such as Juna's detox drops, colon cleanses or even enemas. Along with adding valuable nutrients, the elimination of certain foods is key.  This can include but is not limited to: processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, gluten, dairy, caffeine and fried foods. A detox may also include body brushing to encourage lymphatic drainage, breathwork, cold water plunges, infrared saunas and regular exercise. 

Diets, on the other hand, are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to restrict certain foods that generally change you metabolism and help you lose weight.  Dieting generally implies restriction and limitation of pleasurable foods and necessary nutrients it needs to feel nourished and satisfied and can pose harmful risks. 

Because the body becomes so restricted and deprived, diets fail most of the time and can cause irritability, anxiety, depression, limited serotonin production, difficulty focussing and fatigue and may disrupt your sleep.  Psychologically, dietary restraint can additionally signal greater reactivity to food including increased cravings and binge eating. Biologically, for women, dieting can lead to unhealthy changes in the body such as hormonal changes including menstrual disturbances, low energy and slowed metabolism. In addition, changing metabolism through temporary food restrictions can cause long term confusion over how the body is suppose to store and metabolize food making it challenging for the body to be working at an optimized function.

how to eat for a flat tummy

How detox can support a healthy weight management and restore balance to the body.  

What detox works and what are the best products for bloating and weight loss and/or best debloat vitamins? First let's identify what healthy weight management means: Detoxes or cleanses go beyond eliminating alcohol and inflammatory foods and trying to lose a few pounds, they eliminate toxins and provide our bodies with vital nutrients it needs for optimized function. By supporting our liver and digestion through detoxification, and by supplementing with detox drops the body can begin to regulate its own hormones, blood glucose levels, fluid balance, metabolism and increase energy benefiting overall health.  2014 study involving 38 female participants found that those who took a green plant membrane supplement, which included chlorophyll, once daily had greater weight loss than a group that didn’t take the supplement.                

5  things that can drastically improve in your body with a detox

1. Inflammation and Bloat:

Nutritional detoxing and taking a break from high inflammatory foods such as sugar, trans fats, refined carbs and alcohol and replacing them with foods and supplements like Juna's Detox Drops and Juna's Ease with anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant turmeric and bone broth will helps to reduce inflammation, lift brain fog, boost concentration and de-bloat .

2. Cellular Health: 

There are an estimated 37.2 trillion cells in the body. They make up your blood, organs, hair, bones, tissues, muscles and everything in your body. When you detox you are flushing out toxins in your cells, while at the same time providing them with nutrients that deeply nourish your cells. Chlorophyll is one of the best options for providing oxygen to the blood, boosting, cellular health and managing health glucose and weight. Juna's detox drops with hero ingredient chlorophyll are a perfect addition to transform your daily water into a supercharged, antioxidant, detox powerhouse.

3. Digestion:

Detoxes often include healing foods like fruit and cruciferous vegetables high in prebiotic fiber that work to support healthy digestion by adding beneficial bacteria to the gut. When the gut has improved digestion, it is easier for it to break down the foods we eat to absorb the nutrients from the foods back into our bodies and eliminate what we don't need. 95% of serotonin is stored in the gut, by eating for our digestion and supporting the gut with detoxifying sweating can boost mood and help us feel happier. 

how to eat for a flat tummy

4. Hormones: 

 Liver detoxification is key to accelerating the whole body detoxification so you can release not only excess toxins but excess hormones like estrogen as well.  An important role of the liver is to help regulate the balance of sex hormones (estorgen), thyroid hormones, cortisone and other adrenal hormones. Green cruciferous (broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale eetc..)  are the best source of chlorophyll and work to stimulate your liver to release the excess estrogen. If you don't love leafy greens here we have the perfect option to get your daily chlorophyll quota in your morning water.

5. Improved Sleep:

Sleep is paramount when it comes to overall health and wellness. When you provide your body with vitamins and minerals that help support sleep, you can get the rest you need. Nutritional detoxing could include limiting sugar and caffeine and replacing them with sweet herbals teas such as cinnamon and peppermint or adding magnesium and one of Juna's sugar free sleep gummies to your evening routine to support the body to slip into deep restorative sleep.

how to eat for a flat tummy


How often should I detox?

You can detox a little every day by incorporating a few simple things like chlorophyll water drops into your morning water to activate the liver’s detoxification process as well as cruciferous vegetables and high antioxidant/high fiber fruit and vegetables like raspberries and celery.  Additionally, some women's health experts suggest a more detailed elimination detox with supplements like Juna's Detox Drops that support the liver and digestion every 21 days  for 3-7 days at a time. 

When detoxing what should you eat?

When detoxing, it's important to eat organic, high fiber fruits and vegetables and hydrate with high quality structured water and lots of high water content foods such as watermelon and cucumbers. It's recommended to avoid processed, high sodium foods

Risks of detox and cleansing

Can detox cause fevers? Though there are not many risks, possible side effects may include bloat, stomach pain ( too many vegetables), headaches, nausea, irritability and fatigue.  It is also possible you could experience acne or skin irritation seems skin is the largest organ in your body and releases toxins.


Understand your body and what it needs vs following a trend is key. If you are looking for healthy metabolism and weight management a detox or cleanse may be the solution you've been looking for.  Detoxing focuses more on adding supplements, herbs, botanicals, high fiber, antioxidant rich, chlorophyll dense foods to your diet  that fill your body with life force and nutrients to balance glucose, metabolism, digestion, hormones  while removing unwanted toxins vs dieting which is about restriction and elimination.

Product recommendations:

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Nightcap Sleep Gummies : Silent and restorative, reach stage 3 sleep- when our brain enters glymphatic mode ( this is where the brain actually detoxes itself to clean out the waste leaving you feeling refreshed the next day).

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